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Originally Posted by frawri
I will have to try that out. I heard it mention on some advertisment. But still haven't seen the new product here yet.
Sorry to be a hijacker here but your cats are adorable! Especially the smudge faced one!
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Originally Posted by Cearbhaill
One of my kitties races into the box, scratches like a demon, potties, and leaps out all in the space of 2 seconds so he flings litter everywhere. The boxes are 12" high, I have rugs all over, and he still makes me vacuum twice a day. AArgh.
LOL!!! That is so funny!! I tease my LuckyGirl and call her Shirley Temple! I swear she tap dances in the litter!!! She kicks it EVERYWHERE!!! With all four paws going at the same time! And...as soon as I take out the old litter...before I even get to fill the littler box, there may be 3 granules in there, she's darting in the box to poop! @!#$@#!@!@ I say. But she doesn't care. She just wants to tap away in there and make it smell like her own!!! =) Whatever makes her happy!
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Originally Posted by eilcon
I got some of the Tidy Cats Multicat with the new litter lock technology over the weekend. Seems to clump much better than the old formula so far - no more of those little pieces.
Just got it and filled the box. Skittles so far does not mind it. I think it does clump better.....
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Kiwis just aren't into clumping litter here. I think we've got two brands and after we found out some local kittens had stomach problems we just went back to our normal litter. It was all the rage here a few years ago for a little while.
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I've used Tidy Cat for several yrs with good result, but need something that works better on odor control. The new Tidy Lock formula may be hard-clumping and pretty much crumble-free, but my cats still manage to scatter it all over our hardwood floors. I can't use a litter mat because I have one cat who thinks those are for urinating on.

I tried the new Small Spaces Tidy Cat and it had a horrendous scent! The smell is driving us crazy, so I bought some Feline Pine today to see how it works. Does anyone know if chicken feed is good at odor control?

I don't care if it's flushable. I save my plastic grocery sacks and bag up the waste anyway.
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