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My sweet Cat

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I'm new, so I'd like to introduce my cat that I adopted at the spca.

picture was taken the same day that I got her. She's 8 months old for those who are wondering.
I named her Bebedora, after my favorite video game character.

Her tag said "I'm a shy girl, but I have a loving heart."

I don't know about that... she's a bit too playful sometimes As for loving heart, yes, indeed she does.
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She is a youngster and has the energy of the world inside *LOL* and a beauty she - a true beauty!!

thanks for giving her a loving home!
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What a gorgeous girl! Thank you for giving her a home!
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She is beautiful, and that is a cute name. I think 8-9 months old is the perfect age to adopt! You are past the crazy kitten age, and they are much more pleasant!
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She is just gorgeous!! Really pretty eyes!
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What a beautiful face on her!!!
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What a beautiful kitten!
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You angel!, giving that gorgeous little girl a loving home

She's one little beauty ok
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What a beauty! I know she will have a wonderful life with you.
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she's very beautiful! love the original name too
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Welcome! She looks like a sweetie!
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She's beautiful!!
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awwwwww shes a beautiful lil girl!!
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Darling girl!
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She's so pretty!
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She is simply gorgeous!!!!
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she's lovely, you should post some more pictures of her! =)
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Welcome!! Your baby is so gorgeous!! Thats great that you adopted her She now has a loving/forever home.
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Bebedora is beautiful.
Just look at her eyes.
Congratulations to you both.
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She is a beautiful angel in disguise!!! I see right through those beautiful eyes of hers!! But Shhhh!!! Dont tell her I know!! hehehe
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She is absolutely gorgeous! she looks like my aunties cat that went to the bridge early this year!
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