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Whats ON your refridgerator/freezer?

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So I noticed the other day that my refridgerator has accumulated A LOT of stuff on it! YMCA schedules, receipies and TONS of pictures! I finally had to clean it off and only put the important ones on there

I always tend to stick stuff on there wtih my cute magnets (which I also have A MILLION of!) on there, until Harley tends to try and pull stuff off when he can reach!

Does anyone else have a cluttered fridge?!
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COWS!!!!!!!!!! lol not so much on it but on top of it. I have a VERY small fridge (not my choice) so i don't have alot of room for much couple magnets thats about it but i have about 20 cows on top!
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I have......

drawings from my little my favorite magnet that says...."Do not disturb! Scientific experiment concerning dust measurement in process on fridge."

BUT....on top of my fridge.....I have an empty cookie jar...a food dehydrator...more drawings....sandwich dishes....
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I can honestly say I think we've only got two magnets on it at the moment and they are boring ones about the pandemic!
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I don't like a lot of clutter, so my fridge is pretty tidy. Only a two clip magnets, one is holding my to-do list, and the other is holding a little piece of foil that says "Love without rules". (<----It was one of those dove chocolate candy wrappers with the pretty messages inside. I really liked this one, so other than my list, it is the only piece of clutter on my fridge)

On top of my fridge is just a pretty decorative basket, that's about it!
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I have a magnet my mother bought me years ago that says:
"I got rid of the kids...the cats are allergic"
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Well....lemme see here, without looking, I can try and guess whats on *top* of it~lol...dust bunnies, a basket and umm some more dust bunnies Now on the actual fridge, well its full! Theres tons of art work from my son and my daughter(and some things he made at school) tons of magnets(I love magnets) hehe....tons of pics of friends and family, and my dads obituary(and photo) and also a obit. of DH grandad. Hmm, this is all just off the top of my head, remember I am *thinking* thats it, if I think of anything else, I will come back and tell ya.
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I have tons of magnets, and one of those magnetic poetry sets, the naughty one, pics of other people's kids, cards, take out menus....the usual crap...
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I have about 20 magnets. cats and butterflies..
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Our fridge has a magnetised to do list with a notepad and a wipe board thing and kittens all over it. I write stupid messages on it.
We also have a magnet with a picture of a cat and it says 'People who don't like cats were probably mice in an earlier life'.
We have a notice board which has all the other stuff on it, photos notes, business cards the usual.
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Sophie's appointment card for her yearly checkup at the V-E-T'S next month.

The wedding invitation for my neices wedding in June.

My Directors daughters "Save the date" notice for her wedding in september

Fridge magnets of cats and from various countries.

Oh and theres nothing on top
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Susan, don't forget the Rosie and Sophie magnets I sent you in SS!!

I have tonnes of magnets and bits and bobs on my fridge! I also have a magnetic shopping list paper thingumy!!

On the top of my fridge is where I store my wine, gin, whisky....(and the Vintage Molly ) There are also some envelopes where I store my herbs to dry them!

Oh and I have two unused magnetic 'L' plates on my freezer!
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Do you know Sarah, i have those two sitting side by side of each other!

Even Gil noticed that they looked like the girls as well

Whats the vintage Molly?
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We have two fridges, one is in the kitchen and one is in the middle room
The middle room one is actually mine, they passed it down to me, its got australian flag on it, movie world, sea world, dream world and wet and wild magnets all from goldcoast australia..
can you tell we love australia?
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Do you know Sarah, i have those two sitting side by side of each other!

Even Gil noticed that they looked like the girls as well

Whats the vintage Molly?
That's great! I bought a Tibby, Molly and Willow for my fridge too! I just couldn't resist them!

Vintage Molly is the name Chris (Captiva) came up with in my thread of my babies! Molly always loves to be on top of the wine rack on the fridge!

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Oh! Nuff said!
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I have tons of magnets on my fridge. The left side, *facing the fridge* is full of magnets of places we've been and places where my freinds have been/live.

On the right side is just miscellaneous magnets.........Jerry says anymore and this doors will fall off.

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I only have a note pad for shopping lists and the church calendar on my fridge.....But we are going to start collecting magnets from the places we travel since our shot glass collection is way to big....
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I have magnets on the front and the girls report from the vet on the side .
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My refrigerator is covered with magnets: cats, funny sayings and shoes.
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Magnets (cats, University of Georgia, Broadway shows, places we've been) holding up wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, and shower invites. Can you tell it's going to be a wedding-y kind of year?
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I have a magnetic calendar the dry erase kind that i put Lee's "chores" on so he helps me around the house. And there are about 6 differents colors of markers that are magnetic too.

On TOP of my frige there is a christmas tree branch (Phenom knocked it off and I put it there to pack away later and I packed the tree up and left it out) Lee's piggy bank and mine too. A lot fo dust is up there too!!
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Hehe I thought you meant what was on top of the fridge! Well last week I went on vacation and the first ngiht I was away my fiance calls... Says the cats opened the freezer and everything thawed!!! We had to throw so much away but it was probably for the better, it needed a clean-out. I think he just put to much in it and it didn't close properly .
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
I have a magnetic calendar the dry erase kind that i put Lee's "chores" on so he helps me around the house.
I need one of those for John!
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I have some magnets and a few postcards on mine, not very much actually and it all has to be on the freezer front because Sapphire is an expert remover of things on the fridge
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I always wondered what was under all of that junk!

We clip all important papers to the fridge & no one bothers to throw them away, so eventually Lily pulls them off. She has been too busy playing with "the other cats" to pull anything off the fridge, so we have coupons, school schedules, magnets, pics, & important phone numbers. We have this week planner(dry erase) from the funeral home in town on there too that my big sis wrote on "a day in the life of an average 50 year old" when my mom turned 50. On each day, she wrote "don't die". Made turning 50 easier for mom!

I have a little shrine to the dog I lost almost 2 years ago now. I have a magnet of her breed & the magnet even has the same color collar she always wore. I've got pics of her & everything. No one dares to touch that or the wrath of Natalie will come down on them(I seriously get pretty mad when anyone touches it).

That's about all I can think of.
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