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New Cat Owner with Questions(odd Questions?)

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I adopted an 8mo old cat at the spca a few weeks ago, and it's my first cat that I've adopted from a shelter.

Anyway, I'm glad she adjusted to my home pretty quickly, but maybe not entirely. She still doesn't let me carry her. Maybe it's something she's feared while being in the shelter, I don't know. Could someone give me their story when their cat fully adjusted to them and how long it took? I've never adopted a cat before, I've only found stray alley kittens.

Also, I don't know what's safe for her. styrofoam balls worry me. She finds them from the oddest places. I thought I put them all away. Anyway, I was wondering, would it harm her at all? I'm sure it would if she swallowed it, but do cats swallow odd untasty things such as that? i don't think she eats them, I mean, they're not tasty... I was wondering if it's safe for her to play with it because she seems to love it, or should I try to find all of them and keep them some place else.

one more question...
The other day, I saw one of my strand of hair sticking out of her mouth. I thought it was just in her mouth, but I didn't know she almost swallowed the whole thing while licking herself. I have really long hair. About 2 1/2 feet long. Could this damage her health in any way if she does swallow plenty of my hair. I don't know, I've heard horror stories... so I hope it's nothing to worry about.
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I wouldn't let her play with styrofoam, I would think that could do all sorta of damage if she swallowed a chcnk and yes kittens especially tend to taste everything and chew or eat random things. My one cat eats plastic. My other cat has a little fetish for leather and feathers and will eat them if she gets a piece. Some cats chew electrical cords, etc.

As for her adjustment behavior, every single cat is different. You cann't tell them it is okay they are home now you just have to show them. Talk to her play with her, feed her, etc. Let her come to you to be pet and picked up. She probably will eventually.

With hair and string and such things, it can probably do harm in their stomachs or on the way down, wrapping around intestines or something. I would be careful. One single hair strand isn't going to be a big deal probably.
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We recently adopted a third cat (Luna) who was 4 months when we got her. When we first brought Luna home she was scared out of her mind. My wife and I were told that she was born feral, picked up by animal control, had her ear clipped by them and spayed. If my wife were to hold her she would be extremely clingy but she would also freak out if all her paws weren't touching something solid. It took her about 3-4 months until her and our other two cats became friends and could be left alone together. She was still timid after that. She is about 11 months old now and quite relaxed around the house. We can walk up to her and pet her but she still gets a little freaked out if we try to pick her up out in the open.

My wife also has really long hair and one of our other cats tries to eat it when he finds it on the floor, but he also tries to eat carpet, paper, milk jug rings, rubberbands, etc. So far we have not have any probems but if we see him trying to eat something we usually take it away from him.
Hope that helps!
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Some cats never really like to be picked up. Both of my cats are like that though they like to be near me and be petted.
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Chiclet has been with us for a little over a year now, and he doesnt enjoy to be picked up. He will be near me at all times but he gets upset at being picke dup. When he was a kitten he'd love to sleep on our lap, just to show it depends on the cat.

Ashes is very timid, just recently she started asking for more affection, but she prefers to be alone.

Cheeto is the lap kitty, he loves beinga round us and being petted BUT he hates being picked up unless he comes to nudge.

They all like chewing on boxes, and they scavange all the time, they taste anything for the most part. Except if its onion (which is toxic to them) I also have long hair as well, and my air is all over the place, I shed more than them they do get it in their mouth to taste it lol, but the never swallow it.

Just be patient with ur kitty, you will eventually find out what he will be like, just takes time.
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I once took care of a cat who hated being picked up and was totally skittish... but if you put both yourself and her into a room--and locked the big, bouncy yellow Lab out--she'd come to you, sit down next to you, and let you pet her. Purr motor? Oh yeah.

I think, if I had been allowed, I would have put that Lab in the covered porch and backyard permanently... left the house to the cat... and I think that cat would have warmed up and gotten rid of her skittishness.

Took care of another cat who wouldn't let you hold him if you were sitting; only if you were standing... but he'd come up next to you, sit down, and lean on you, asking to be petted... He was about the most well-adjusted cat I've seen in a long while.

It's a combination of scaredy-cat syndrome and preferences on the part of the cat, I think.
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Hi there! Regarding the holding her issue, I totally understand and have been through that. When I first found my kitty Jessie, she would not let me hold her at all. I could pet her (when she felt like it) but no holding. After about 2 years of constant attention from me she would let me hold her for a few minutes but I had to find the position she liked which happened to be over my shoulder. Now with my new baby Spook, she only lets me hold her in a cradle position in my arms for about 5 minutes then she wants down. I have had her for a year and she has not really changed. She is very loving but just not a kitty who wants to be held. Now she will lay by me though for hours sometimes. I believe it is a matter of trial and error. Try holding her in different positions while speaking softly to let her know she doesn't have to be afraid. You will find out what she likes as time goes on.
In regards to the hair.... I have had the same concerns. I have long hair and of course I shed alot (he he he) and at one point, I saw my Salem dragging a piece of poop around because there was a hair attached to his butt. I know that is gross but it happens. I ended up extracting it with no problem and talked to my vet about it. She told me that a few hairs here and there should be ok but I needed to be very conscious about trying to keep my hair picked up and away from the kitties.
I hope some of this helps you!!
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Yes, all of these comments are helpful. Thanks everybody. It hasn't been a month yet for my kitty to adjust to my boyfriend and me, so I'll see how things go. I'll try and be careful with what I leave behind and such.. Okay, Thanks very much everybody.
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I've had Rascal since he was probably maybe 6 wks old. He was born to a feral mother. He's about 1 1/2 now and still does not like to be held or restrained in any way. No hugs, no arms over him, nothing. He is VERY affectionate (I just started a thread about how I've trained him to roll over on command to be pet), but he will not sit in my lap and usually won't even get very close to me. Norm for him is about a foot away. So I have to sit on the floor with him and REACH to pet him. Or he will lay on my bed while I'm there reading and he'll be an arms length away...just close enough to pet him. I don't know why he has such a phobia about it, but I let him be except for when I have to clip his nails. Now that's an adventure! Some cats just aren't cuddlers, I guess.

I hope your kitty does adjust and will let you hold her! Good luck!
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I agree with not letting your cat play with certain things. My cats love the plastic rings from milk bottles but they will eat stuff like that. Not good for them and a mess for you.

As far as carrying goes, my cats cuddle, love to held and always want to be near me. However, they do not like being carried from one room to another. It may be they feel as though they are not in control.
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Originally Posted by reagant999
I agree with not letting your cat play with certain things. My cats love the plastic rings from milk bottles but they will eat stuff like that. Not good for them and a mess for you.
They do make ones for sale in the pet stores that look more sturdy thant the ones that come off your milk cartons. Thoes might be a bit better for a plastic chewer.
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