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Its driving me insane!!!, and also my neighbors..Yes, I am alittle obsessive compulsive at times, but I live in an apartment, so places for the litter box are limited, although its in the laundry room now, where I figured it would not bother me..Odorwise, it doesnt...but, this tracking it out of the box, HAS TO COME TO AN END..
Even my neighbor asked me why I run the vacuem many times a day
And of course no one understands the feeling of litter in your toes, until it happens to u

So I am looking for suggestions on how to not have to vacuem like crazy,..
I went out and bought a big hooded one, that still doesnt seem to help, I even have a really nice mat that contains most, but being that I have to walk on it, I tend to track it off of there too...

I used to use that pine one or whatever it was, with the pellets, but it was a pain trying to scoop...

Please help, I will be at the pet store as soon as they open!!
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Here's a recent thread about litter tracking mats:

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We just have a covered box with a mat right at the opening, and we use regular clumping litter..No tracking over here..Maybe your kitties like to drive you crazy
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I've resigned to the fact that the broom and I are going to be best friends as long as these kittens are around. However, I've managed to reduce tracking by switching to crystal litter. Anytime I get clumping litter (which is cheaper), I end up regretting the purchase because I feel like I'm walking around on the beach every morning...and not in a good way.

This is what I use for specifics:

Covered Van Ness Litter Box with Odor Door. ( I think the door prevents them from making a Super-Kitty leap out of the box and causing more tracking)
Omega Litter Mat.
Tidy Cats Crystal Litter.

I once found clumping litter crusted along their paws...EWWWWW!
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Thanks, for the replys..
Ill see what I can find tomorrow..I am going first thing , that is how much I am fed up with this..My back is bad as is, then me having a heavy vacuem doesnt help..I think I might even go get one of those cheap cordless quiet ones just to go over it everyday.
It started with me just going over that room daily, then a few times a day..Then i figured while I had it out just do everything..
Its become a serious addiction, that needs to end.
Yes my house is beyond clean, but this is no way to live..planning your day around vacueming. Even if i try to ignore it, Im in there doing clothes, then I feel it again all in my toes...Ive tried to leave slippers on to try to trick my mind that it wasnt everywhere, but I hate stuff on my feet.
Plus you can see it once its everywhere..Anyways, just wanted to say thanks
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