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Membership to organizations

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I wasn't sure what forum to post this on, so I hope this is OK. I received an urgent e-mail tonight from a lady, who I believe is from Georgia, asking if I could help find homes for her cats. The reason she has to get rid of the cats is because there is a pet limit in her town and her neighbors are forcing her to get rid of her pets, who are strictly indoor.

When I answered her it dawned on me I needed to share this with others and let them know what I told her and also to let others know how important it is to belong/become a member of various humane organizations.

I wrote her back and told her that I am in a court battle with the same experience, but I, under no circumstances would ever consider getting rid of my animals. That's not even an option. Anyway, I went on to explain to her that it has been proven, over and over again, around the country, that it is unconsititutional to tell someone how many animals they can have. Quite a few supreme courts have overturned this law. I told her to find a good attorney to fight this and to get in touch with the Doris Day Animal League for more information re: this precedent.

Anyway, I then got to thinking I need to tell people how important it is to become a member of various animal welfare organizations. If I had not belonged to DDAL, HSUS, ASPCA and the Humane Society of Louisiana, I wouldn't have known about the precedent being set. People think they have to send a lot of money to these organizatons, but you don't. I send them only $10-20 annually and explain that I have 54 pets and can't afford to send more. They in turn send me newsletters and updates about what's going on in the legal realm and congress regarding animal welfare issues.

This is just some information I thought you'd want to know.

My court battle is with neighbors who are P.O. that their teenage children were busted for selling drugs on our street. Because my husband and I have made it known we don't do drugs or endorse their sale in our block, we have become the victims of these people's sense of "justice". They know we have more than the 4 pet limit. They all at one time supported my rescue efforts. The humane society in my city also knew I had more than 4 pets, but because I took such extrodianary care of them and they stayed in my yard or house, they said it was O.K. However, when these neighbors got together and made a big deal out of it, the city had to act and brought me to court. I was found guily of having more than 4 pets, but am awiting my appeal. Hopefully, we'll win in the next court. If not will fight it all the way to the Supreme Court. We know we can win because as I said before precendent is being set all over the country regarding this matter and the laws are being overturned. Since pets are considered "property" they can't tell you how many you can have, just like they can't tell you how many cars or houses you can have. I live in a city that is just outside of N.O. and is still practicing laws from the stone ages.

This entire ordeal has been so stressful for my husband and I, but it also has been quite funny because our neighbors are so stupid as to think we would actually get rid of our babies. No way in hell would that ever happen. I told the humane officer who came by with the citation that God himself would have to come down to make me give up my babies, the love of our lives.

We have a cherished belief "don't get mad, get even". We figure if we would lose we'd just sell the house to some real "nice" folk. You know the type that park 5 cars on the lawn, have 14 kids running loose, along with the 6 dogs and 30 cats. You get the picture. Our neighbors would live to regret messing with us, 2 middle aged, qieet, very clean neighbors.

Anyway, I thought this information could prove beneficial to some of you good people.

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Do you know what's sad, Patsy? People who do more than their share, like you, are often in court, or worse yet, accused of animal abuse. I'm sure there are people with good hearts who take on more than they can afford to care for properly, but I wonder if some of these folks are not losing their animals because of their neighbors!
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Sadly there are a lot of people who have lost their animals because of this law. Instead of the city/county trying to proscecute these people for doing a community service they should be trying to help them.

I know there are plenty people who have too many animals and are over their head. They can't take proper care of them for lack of money and they have no one to help them. There's a big difference in someone being intentional cruel and someone who is trying to do the right thing.

I don't know how much longer I'll be able to go on doing what I do. My husband and I aren't rich. We have about $1,000. in savings and that's it.

When my husband had emergency surgery a couple of years ago and couldn't work for 3 months I had to turn to a local animal welfare organization for help to feed and care for my animals. It's very expensive to take proper care of them. I'm on disability and can no longer work.

Tiger's illness has already cost us $500 over the last two weeks and we still don't know if she'll make it. I know most people would say put her to sleep, but I can't. I watched my own mother die a horrible death because she was poor and she was on government assistance. I just can't bear the thought of one of my animals dying because I can't provide the best medical care for them. I'm in over my head, but I can't give up on her. I'll fight as long as she wants to.

Thanks for your words of support.
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I hear you. Believe me, I hear you! Was it Hissy who said, "Been there, done that, got the T shirt?" Good saying.
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