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Hello to all! I have a 6 year old cat who has been living with us for 2 yrs now. Just recently, the last 3 months or so, she has been meowing constantly. I try to talk with her and let her know all is well, but she still keeps meowing! She has her food & water on a consistent schedule her cat box is always very clean and we love on her whenever she asks! I just don't know what to think anymore. Any ideas? She is a 1/2 persian I'm not sure what the other 1/2 is. Any help would sure be appreciated!
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Usually when they start crying a lot they are trying to tell us there is something wrong. Has anything in the house changed? Is she spayed? Also, there could be something bothering her and she needs to see the vet. Are there any other kinds of strange behaviors?
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Since this is a relatively new behavior, I would make an appointment for her to see the vet for a check up. Is she still eating, drinking and using her litter box? Any outside stimuli that could be causing her stress? Anything new in her environment? Any changes in the household, i.e. new pet, loss of pet, death of family member, new family member?

One of my Birman kitties crys. When he first started doing this I thought something was wrong and rushed to see what the matter was. (He had just had a complete exam and was given a clean bill of health.) I did that a couple of times and he soon had me trained! Now, if I don't come right away, he crys a little louder until I do. And I soon as I come, he curls up around my legs and then walks away to find a cozy sleeping spot. Or sometimes he looks up at me and gives me that "I want to be brushed" look. He knows I will always come and guess what? I do! Love those babies!

Good luck with your kitty and let us know how things go.

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Thank you both for your support and suggestions! My 22 year old daughter moved in with us about 6 months ago and that was a change. She is still eating, drinking, and using her cat box! I do think I'll make an appt for her to see the vet. I'll keep you posted.
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Just a thought...In your kitty's eyes, she now has to share you with your daughter. Play time is very good therapy. Try setting aside 10-15 minutes morning and evening just for you and your kitty. Play time will not only strengthen the bond between the two of you but will also help your kitty to release some pent up energy. She may just be nervous about your daughter's arrival. Any of the interactive wand toys (Cat Dancer, Da Bird, or plain feather toy) are all excellent. Most pet stores carry these toys. Just be sure to put them away when you are done playing as some kittys will eat all the feathers or chew on the string part. It's still a good idea to have her checked by her vet too! Good luck and let us know how she is doing. All my best in health and happiness.

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Since we're talking about crying cats, this may be of interest:-
My two burmese were boarded for just over a week whilst we were away.
When I collected them, the lady who looked after them reported that the male had howled all night every night. This despite the fact that the two cats were in the same pen together.
He never carries on like this at home, and I suspect it must have been some form of 'separation anxiety'. Would like to hear of any similar experiences.
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Oh yeah....you know a lot of people think cats dont need humans..that if you dissapeared they wouldnt care. PLEASE!!! Anytime I am gone more then usual or take a short trip, I find that they will do things they normally would not. I was at the cat show all weekend and came home to my dish rack on the floor and some other stuff misplaced. They were just telling me they did not approve of me being gone so much. They cant talk to us, so they find ways to let us know.
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Jack has a bad case of separation anxiety. One boarding facility actually asked me not to bring him back there because he meowed constantly and disturbed the other cats, even though he was in the same cage as his brother!! Now we have a pet sitter, and they never have to leave their home when we go on vacation!
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