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Urine Licking

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This is kind of gross, and I cringe when I see it happen. I have two cats, both about a year old. One is male, the other is female. When I go to change their litter, Cleo, the female, will come up to the box and start licking the pee that's on the litter bag or side of the box. Is this normal? If not, how do we stop it?

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I can't say that i have heard of it but don't find it too terribly surprising. Animals do the darndest things! Anyway, are your cats fixed? If not that maybe why she is doing it. I wouldn't know exactly why, but it would probably have to do with hormones and scents and what not. however, if they are fixed, I don't really know why she would be doing that. I would put a call in to the vet to see why she might be doing it and a solution to try to get her to stop. good luck
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Cats are very cleanly and want their surrounds to reflect that. I'm not surprised either.
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If you can't get her stop.Then shut her in a bedroom when you clean the litterbox.
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