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5 weeks old

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Hello, registered a couple minutes ago. I have never had a pet before and well this obviously is my first kitten. I got him about 48 hours ago and he is 5 weeks old. Any tips or suggestions or hell any kind of help would be apperciated..i got the basics down, litter box, toys, cat milk, cat food and stuff but every little bit would help. Thank you.
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Where did you get him at? He is so young to be away from his mother already.
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I agree, he should still be with Mom and littermates nursing and weaning on to solid food. He will probably not be able to eat the dry food, unless it is moist, as he won't get the teeth for dry food until he is around 8 weeks old.
He will need a litter that doesn't clump, in case he tries to nibble on some of the litter.
You mentioned cat milk, do you mean KMR or milk? I wouldn't think KMR is still needed at 5 weeks old, unless you are using to make the food more moist. Milk will cause loose stools.
I wouldn't recommend him being around any other cats, until he gets his first set of vaccinations at 7 weeks old.
In my opinion, if you have the option of letting him go back with him Mother for the next 5-7 weeks and then bring him home is the best option.
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just pay attention to them. they will tell you what they need. My cats will meow at me and take me to the food dishes every morning cause they are empty. If they want to be petted they do the same thing. I also agree to young to be away from mama. I hope nothing happened to mama. keep us updated. we always like pictures.
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ooo I agree, way to young to be away from mum. poor thing. can you take him back to the mother? where did you get him from?
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Well my gf had this customer come in who wanted to get rid of the kittens as soon as possible so my gf offered to take one of em home. We were told its 8 weeks old but all the ppl we have shown him to say he's at best 5-6 weeks old. I don't really have the option to send him back to his mum. I am feeding him KRM at the moment since he wont have anything else.
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oh do i post pics?
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I'm pretty sure you have to be registered for a certain number of days and have posted a certain number of times before you can share pictures. One of the site mods should be sending you a PM shortly (if you've just registered) that will have more info. If not, send me a PM & I'll send the info along to you.
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That is wonderful that you took him in. You are right, going back to Momma right now, probably would be an option, if the owners were that ready to home them.
Put a bowl of water down, and canned food diluted with either warm water or the KMR that you have. He should begin starting on solid foods now, but may not eat dry kibble for a few more weeks, unless it is moist. If he hasn't ever started solids yet, it may take him a few days to get used to it, but within a few days he will be an expert at eating the canned food. You will want a good quality food as well to start him with.
You may want him to stay in one room for now, such as your bedroom, with his litter, food, water, and toys, since he is young and just came to you, it will help him to find everything.
Check his stool, he may need to be wormed soon, and his first set of vaccinations will be coming up as well.
It sounds like you are going to give him a very loving home, and I hope that everything goes well.
We would love to see pictures soon. Does he have a name yet?
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Originally Posted by Alkalique
oh do i post pics?
Here is a link on how to post pictures. If you have any trouble, you can PM a moderator. I would also be happy to place them up for you, if you would like to email the pictures to me. I can get them up as soon as I get a free moment.
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ah yes the name lol...i have no idea wot to name him...i would love to show u the pics but im not sure how to get them onto here. he seems to know his way around now actually...his favourite spot being right inbetween all the stuffed toys lol.
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I have forgot to add the link to a few of my last posts, I apologize, my brain isn't working very well right now. This should explain how to place the pictures up. I use
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He is a cutie!
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I would say about 6 weeks, I had my momma cat from 6 weeks, but gave her kitten milk and wet kitten food.I didn't introduce dry until about 9 weeks.My Girl is a year old now and a momma herself.
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Aww what a cutie!!

It is too bad when uneducated owners like that try to hand off kittens so young, they have barely begun to enter the crucial bonding/learning time with their mothers that is so important to continue until at least 10 weeks. People just think they can be ripped away from their mother... so sad. I saw so many posts on craigslist and petfinder the past few days for 3-6 week old pets for sale or "adoption".
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Disgusting isn't it, It was a good job that i was an experienced cat owner when i got my little girl. As soon as My hubby bought her home and new She wasn't the 8 weeks that the owners were claiming but with the right care and nuturing She has become a very loved part of the family.
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We rescued our male cat, Juby at 4 weeks old. His feral momma had abandoned him and his siblings in a barn where they had been attacked by a wild dog or animal. Poor little guy was full of fleas and worms when we got him and had a bite wound on his ear from the animal.

We were so completely uptight and worried about him but everything has since turned out great. We fed him wet food with KMR mixed in, kept a heating pad on low tucked under his bedding and gave him plenty of blankets to burrow into. He loved to burrow under the blankets and it seemed to comfort him. Just be sure to give him lots of love, patience and of course, belly rubs. Juby was quite shy and temid with us for the first several months. He's hiss and scratch and was fiesty as heck but has since turned into a big, handsome, well adjusted house cat. God bless you for taking this little one in. Just be prepared...... when you take them in at such a young age and become a sort of "mom or dad" to them you become extremely bonded. We are anyway. Here's some pics of our little 4 weeker and then one from now.

Sweet Juby at 4-5 weeks old

Throwing a temper tantrum...... lol

And here he is this past month at 10 months old. Our handsome man...

Just hang in there with him and he'll be fine! Sounds like you're doing everything right so far!
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Thank you Little fella has started eating solids when moistened but isnt pooping very well..tried rubbin his tummy but to no avail. He has basically pooped once. Kinda worried about that but everythin else seems fine..he seems to know his way around and seems generally happy.
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Alkalique - he's so gorgeous!!!! Absolutely adorable! (I want him!!)

Momof3Cats&Kids - its amazing how Juby has grown! He's lovely too...and I love the temper tantrum pic!
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you need to try rubbing his bottom to make him poop. I know that you have to do it with young kittens. Im glad he found a good home! He is pritty.
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now for my next set of worries...when do i get his shots done? are they usually quite expensive? once again any help would be appericiated and thank you all for your advice...and he still isnt pooping wot do i doooo?
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I think I'd call a vet. Shots aren't that expensive. I think it's $100 for the vet visit and one round of shots (the visit itself is usually $50). The vet should also help you out with the poo problem.

He's a cutie. Hang in there with him, he'll make it. My parents found a feral litter and were able to save 3 of 4 kittens; they were only 1 week old. They're all happy and healthy now though.

I wonder what happened to the other kittens...I hope they got momma cat spayed...
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When I take my cats to the vet to get there shots its only around $15-$20.
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My first visit for each of my cats was around 30.00-40.00 which included the first round of shots, deworming and general check up.
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Just thought i would post an update. First off wanted to MAJORLY thank everyone for their advice, much apperciated Diego, thats what we decided to name him is doing rather well, he has moved on to solid food and we still give some KRM on the side, his bowel movements have improved by a mile and to think this all happened in a week. little kitten has grown up Just thought i would share some more pics of him with ya folks.
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I wish my kittens are 5 weeks old so I can stop worrying about them getting smushed by their mother
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hehe well they grow up quick thas for sure.
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