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Fun Game!

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OK Here's how you play:

1 - Close out of your internet browser.

2 - Turn off the monitor (computer if necessary)

3 - Find your cats favorite toy

4 - Have fun with your cat instead of staring at a bunch of pixels call your computer screen!!!!

Seriously - have you played with your cat today?!
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We've been playing with helicopters off the tree next to the house lately!
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I already played fetch with her this morning for like 15 minutes AND when I got home from work for another half hour!!!

Now she is ignoring me, so I figure I'll come online!
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I'm playing hooky & using the computer at the office!! JC insists on laying on the keyboard at home - only when I'm attempting to use it, of course!
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Yup, we've played. Trent just woke up from his evening nap, so I'll be headed off the computer shortly. He always lets me know when he needs Mommy.
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Oh yes, we just found the floaty toys (the ones with feathers and bells) with LONG handles again. Kanoe is thrilled.

And we got everybody stoned yesterday. (Catnip)
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I go to the computer when they are napping or outside exploring. Other times I don't get to play with them is when they are eating and visiting the litterbox.
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