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Booster shot?

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Hello. I recently adopted a 1 1/2 year old neutered male named O'Neill...turns out he had been living in a "rescue" colony with horrible conditions...he was rescued by the friend of a woman from whom I got my other cat, and treated for an upper respiratory infection...I was fostering him for a few weeks to see if he'd get along with Onyx, my other cat, before adopting him. They do so last week I met with the woman to get his records, etc. and she vaccinated him them b/c he hadn't been vaccinated yet. Turns out that he hadn't gotten tested for FELV/Leukemia...did that on Sat...came out negative. So here's my question: the woman I adopted him from called today and said she'd be willing to give him a booster shot the next time I see her...is this something that he needs? He's an indoor cat. She says it's just a precaution b/c his history is so spotty.
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Wait did you say he was vaccinated by the woman you got his records from last week? If so then he doesn't need it again. I would check with a vet. Sometimes we used to vaccinate twice in the shelter I worked at just to be sure, but a vet would be the best way to go.

The booster shots and the test should have been done before he came to you. That was VERY irresponsible of her to let him go without being tested. Seems odd she is now suddenly concerned and wants to give him a booster because of where he came from when she didn't even bother to test him in the first place. Seems a little fishy to me...
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I thought the whole thing was very weird, too, and basically said as such to her today. She's saying that when I took him for fostering that she wasn't aware that he hadn't had his vaccinations..He seems to be in very good health...if he's okay now, and he now has his shots, there's no reason to think there will be problems in the future, is there?
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He is probably fine, you got lucky. Is he from an actual rescue or just from a person who rescues cats? if he was from a shelter type of rescue then they should be keeping better tabs on which cats are tested and vaccinated and everything.

No I wouldn't worry. If you took him to be tested and vaccinated, he should be fine. If he is strictly indoors, he doesn't even need vacinations every year either. Those vaccinations last like 3 years or something like that. Vets tell you it needs to be done every year but unless the cat goes outside, I wouldn't worry about it.
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Are we talking a booster for the upper respiratory or a booster for the FELV? If it is a booster for the upper respiratory I would do that (as a core vaccine, and since his vaccine history is unknown), if it is a booster FELV and he is going to be an indoor only cat I would not bother.
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