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Sick kid...

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I was observing my 5yr old daughter today...she's not feeling well today...no fever...a bit of a sore throat...but BOY...is she playing it up!!! if you didn't know her...you'd think she was dying!!

So I was wondering...how do your children act when they don't feel well....do they play it up to get sympathy....or do they just lay around?

Mine definetly plays it up to get sympathy....especially when her dad or soon-to-be-stepdad is near...
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My kids lay around. Dakoda try to shrug it off so he can go to school, but he pays later when he cant move My kids never play they are actually laying down or asleep. They don't even want to eat .
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Well when my oldest is sick, he really plays it up! He does have asthma though, and alot of times he uses that to his advantage~lol. But when hes truly ill, he will sleep and sleep wont eat. Now my daughter(2 y/o) on the other hand is sick, look out! She can be one major grump! She doesnt quite know how to play it up yet though but she usually just wants mommy with her and she ends up sleeping alot and will not eat.
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