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Need some board magic...

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Hey guys, I just got off the phone with Mary Anne (Hissy). She was riding Racer this afternoon and got bucked off. She's back from the hospital and on morphine. Luckily she didn't break anything but did displace her collarbone and is pretty banged up.

Please send a prayer for her

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One prayer on the way!
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Poor Mary Anne!!! I know how scary some of those horse accidents can be, and how painful too! Prayers and well wishes going out to her from me!
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Positive thoughts and prayers going out for Hissy's recovery.
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On the way from Sandie, Kylee and I!!

Get well soon MA!!!!

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Speedy recovery Hissy!!
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Poor Mary Anne! That is scary... I'm glad she didn't break anything. Do you know if she can get online and see this thread? If not and anyone phones her please send her our best wishes from over the ocean!
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Feel better soon, Mary Anne!
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Hissy - I hope for a speedy recovery! My prayers are with you.
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My prayers are with Hissy. I hope the pain eases soon, and there's absolutely no permanent injury. God bless!
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Thank goodness, for no major damage. Get well, soon, Hissy! ((()))
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How scary!! I'm so glad nothing was seriously damaged. Sending positive energy and hugs across the miles.
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Good thoughts going your way, Hissy.

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Man, he did a number on me. I have a cracked tailbone,a concussion my collarbone is out of place (though thankfully not broken) I bit the side of my tongue so hard I had to have stitches and now my tongue is black and blue. My back gives new meaning to the word technocolor. I have abrasions all up and down my arms and shoulders and my ear lobe is torn. I am a walking talking mess! LOL I have a lump on my head that starts at the crown and goes back to my neck.

I was dismounting and had taken Racer over into the soft dirt and he started sinking and I believe that is what scared him. The pasture gate was open and he went for it, and right before the woodpile, graceful me felt the saddle slip and I went up underneath Racerman and clonked my head on the wood. Since I was half-in and half out of the saddle when he took off, you can imagine, it wasn't very pretty. LOL

Mike rushed me to the hospital and they did a cat scan and MRI and cleaned up all the lovely gashes I had all over me. Today, I can barely move my neck, I go back to see my acupuncturist in a few weeks, first opening they have. But damn I hurt........Thanks for your good thoughts........
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mary anne.

i cant say much other then i'm thinking of you everyday,
i'm thinking of you, sweetheart.

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Wow Mary Anne, sounds like he sure did a number on you! You poor thing! I guess it could have been a lot worse though, at least you didn't break anything or get more seriously injured.

Get well soon, rest up, and gets lots of pampering from hubby!!!!
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Oh gees - feel better soon!!!!!!!
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Holy Schmoley! You take care of yourself, and make sure Mike is taking care of you, too (I'm sure he is doting on you as I write this!)

Hey Helen - did you notice you are only 3 away from 1000 posts?? That may require a party, you know! Maybe it can cheer up Mary Anne, too.
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Thank God it wasn't worse! Enough is enough! Please do what your doctor tells you. Take some time to heal. You deserve it. Just let hubby baby you for a little while. From what you have said about him, I think he'll want to take care of you!
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You poor thing! Here's healing pixie dust for you!
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Mary Anne - I hope you heal quickly! What a fall!
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Hang in there. My thoughts are with you.
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OMG! I am so sorry! I hope you'll get to feeling better soon! I know those cats of yours are helping with their purrs and meows!
Get better soon!
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Hissy, let him take care of you. Kitties have healing properties, too. My migraines aren't as bad, when someone snuggles.((())))
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Poor Mary Anne! Prayers your way from the humans and headbonks from the kitties!
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Oh no! Poor Hissy! I wish you well, and know we all are thinking about you. That just stinks. I know how hard it is, not just to be in pain, but to be limited physically. Very frustrating. When you're up to it, don't hesitate to come online and share your frustrations. We won't mind.
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MaryAnne!!!!!!! I had NO idea!!! I had read the post in the mod's lounge, about you being injured, but didn't know why. I feel so bad for you!!!!!! Please get better soon!!!! Prayers are on their way!!!!! *hugs*
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MaryAnne! I'm so sorry about your accident. Hopefully you will have a quick recovery. I hope you feel better soon. :daisy:
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Mary Ann!!!! I am sending good vibes your way, I hope that you will get well!!!


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Glad to hear there was no permanent damage. It must have scared you silly! It was bad enough that you were hurt, but how is the horse? I hope both of you are OK!
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