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Soft Paws/Claws

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I have to share with you guys....I am moving into a new apartment and although my landlord has no problem with my two kitties, she asked if they were declawed. I had told her no and she said she just was worried about them scratching things. I explained that not only are they trained to use a scratching post but I am going to put the soft paws on them. The place I am renting has hard wood floors in some rooms. She was very nice about it and I have to understand her concern to protect her home. Anyways, went to Petco today and picked a package of the Soft Paws up. My kitties are usually pretty good about me trimming their nails but they get squirmy a little. I read the directions on the package and had absolutely no problems putting them on. My kitties laid in between my legs on their backs and I just gently pushed the cover on. They both have licked their toes a few times but besides Salem pulling on one of them, they are now taking a nap and leaving them alone. I am amazed at how easy it was and that they didn't freak out about them! I hope that they keep them on and can't chew them off. We will see, I just ordered a set of colored ones for them. Cross your fingers everyone!! I think this is going to work out great! Just thought I would share in case anyone was wondering about them.
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I really want to try Soft Paws... My cats aren't too bad, they have a scratching post, but still... They scratch ME! lol!
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I used to use soft paws on mine too i really liked them but i got to a point where i had NO money and couldn't afford anything so i had to stop getting them. I really like them also except my Salem tries to eat them!!!
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Oliver's been wearing them for about a year now.. I also rent and although the only stipulation to having cats is that they're fixed and there is really no damage charge on move-out (they're older apartments), I wouldn't want to chance anything... I started applying them when Oliver was living with my parents for awhile until I moved into my apartment and he had a bit of seperation anxiety from me and scratched up some bedroom furniture... he has and uses his post and board a lot but when the caps fall off, he turns into monster cat and hits the no-no spots (he's like the little devil child that knows whats right and wrong, but chooses to ignore, haha)... but I could NEVER imagine him laying belly-up for them to be applied!!! He's quite protective of his belly and usually bunnykicks upon impact, lol... I'm the only one he'll occasionally let rub his belly - but I put him between my knees on the floor and apply them... depending on his mood, he's good
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When I first brought my kitties home, I tried to handle them a lot to get them used to being comfortable with me. It's funny because Spook only let's me hold her in a cradle position with her belly up but Salem only likes to be held over my shoulder. I was surprised when they were so good for me especially Salem laying on their backs. There was some anxiousness from both of them but I just kept talking to them and petting them to reassure them that they were ok. I took my time doing each nail to keep them from getting upset. Then I gave them their canned food as soon as I was done. I hope others try the soft paws and all the best of luck! You may be surprised at how well it goes!
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I really like soft paws! I've been using them for a couple years. They are easy to put on but sometimes I do need another person to help. You just have to check them periodically to see if any have come off. I would definitely recommend them!
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