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NEED Help Please!

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I posted back awhile ago concerned that my cat Kassie was pregnant. I took her to the dr 2 wks ago and they said she showed the signs of it but that it could also be a false pregnancy. She continued to get rounder in size but I still never really felt movement. The vet had said to wait a couple wks and if nothing by then to go ahead and get her spayed. Well, I had scheduled an appointment for this coming Friday.

Today I was gone and my daughter said that she was acting weird, like letting out a little half meow every little bit while she was laying there sleeping. When I got home, I wanted to see if she was ok and see something on her vulva. Gross looking stuff. When I tried to wipe it off it was like something that wouldn't wipe off cuz it was hanging out of her. Can't explain it. BUT, I took a picture and put it on my photobucket album. If anyone could tell me what it is and if this is what it looks like when they are ready to deliver would be a great help!


Thanks so much!!!
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Are you sure she is not pregnant and giving birth. That what it looks like to me.
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That's what I think it is but, if so, she must've gotten outside later than I had thought! That's why I wanted to see if anyone could tell me if this is normal in case she was getting ready to deliver. The poor thing can't even bend over all the way to clean it off. It is not just a liquid, it is like tissue or something...I don't know how to explain it. I've searched my house and don't see any babies or mess anywhere.
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I would guess she is getting ready to have babies but I have never been thru this before so I'm not positive. Good Luck. I hope everything turns out good.
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hmmm Was she big. Did her nipples pop out. Right now are they leaking or can you squeeze milk.
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Is she showing signs of contractions? Any blood?

If you haven't felt movement I wonder if they are alive. It does sound like she is pregnant and is starting delivery but I'd keep a close eye on complications in case the kits aren't alive.
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Also I think a vet should be contacted in case.
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Any Update? It definatley looks like a sac starting to come out, Is it bulging? Or torn? If torn, Call the vet if she hasn't had kittens yet.
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For her, she was big. Dr said maybe only a couple were in there IF she were pregnant. Her nipples are big, but I haven't seen any milk.

Also, not sure about the contractions. Haven't seen any blood aside from the thingy hanging from her. I almost want to pull it off/out for her but I'm afraid that I shouldn't.
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Will she let you touch it if so maybe you should to see if it is solid, Also touch her belly does it get tight.
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It definately is not bulging, but is just hanging there. Kinda like a 2in long stringy, slimy thing.

She is walking around alot but is not vocal, since I've been home. Eating almost everytime she gets up. I'm gonna call the vet and see what they say.
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Maybe it is a empty sack. That would explain why they did not feel kittens.
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
Will she let you touch it if so maybe you should to see if it is solid, Also touch her belly does it get tight.
She loves for me to rub her and I haven't noticed anything similar to contractions. Her belly doesn't really hang down but more pops out on the sides and it is hard.
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
Maybe it is a empty sack. That would explain why they did not feel kittens.
Kinda like a missed pregnancy in people, Where the sac continues to grow but nothing in it?

I'm gonna call the dr...brb
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Yes exactly. The bulging on the sides Skittles has and she is prego...... I can feel them all there is 6 or 7. Maybe she has only 1 or the empty sac.
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Please post an update I am worried too and she isnt even mine ....(chewing my nails)
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hmmm...anxious here too. What does vet say?
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Any Updates? Wondering here as well...
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maybe she rushed her to the Vet.Been 30 min. Maybe on hold or waiting for a call back... I think I need more fingers.
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Anything yet?

Waiting with baited breath....
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Yep - the vet would most likely call her in from what ectrame is saying.

We're thinking of you mom cat!!
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I sure hope everything is ok.
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That did look like a sack to me.
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OOOOOOOOOOOk, sorry it took so long....had to prepare her majesty's quarters for the rest of the day!

They were shocked when I told them! They said, wellllllllllllllllll, it sounds like you are going to be a grandma after all! They said to prepare her a place in a dark, quiet room to give her privacy; so that's what I did. I took her food and water and her litter box as well. She is in the spare room, which is where she's been sleeping up under the bed lately.

I'm gonna be checking on her and will be sure to post updates as I see them.
Anything I should look for or check for or anything I should know? Would LOVE the help!
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Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everything turns out well for her and she isnt in labor for too long. I'm not any help with what to look for. I have a cat that is going to be delivering soon (we think). so i have been on here asking questions too. LOL
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OMG Nikki...I was just getting ready to ask you about that! I saw your post when I was reading through some of them to see what I should be doing.
We are going to be grandmas!
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Ah phew! Good luck all grandmas to be!!!!
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Thanks for the link mom! I'm printing it out now to use for reference!
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