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Pregnant cats temperature

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Hi everyone! I just took my cats temperature and it was 97.7. i read that when it gets under 100 she is under 24-48 from delivering. So, hopefully today or tonight she will have those babies!!!! I took her temp yesterday and it was a little over 100. I dont know how low her temp should go before she has them. Will you it keep going lower or does it just drop a little, anyone know? I am SO excited. I will post and put pictures up as soon as she has them!
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That is low I hope she delivers soon. I will keep my fingers crossed
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I just called my vet to check about our cat. She said that with her temp dropping and a few things that i told her about the way she was acting, eating, etc that she is getting close. she said she cant say when she may have them but that its getting really close. She is wanting to stay in my kids' playroom so i cleared a big spot for her and set it up for her but they think i should move her into a bathroom or laundry room. so i guess i am going to find a new place for her to have the kittens. LOL
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Please try to get her in the bathroom so she is there with little place to go in hiding in case of an emergency.
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Fingers crossed for you Nikki, mum cat and the babies!
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Have the camera handy
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They said the bathroom too but I just dont think its a good idea for her to be in there. The bathroom is well lit b/c of the windows and it normally stays really cold in there especially the floor b/c of the tiles. I think that my bedroom is the best place but if she was to get under my bed we wouldnt be able to get her out or get to her at all. there is just a very small space for her to crawl under there. do you think it would be fine to put her in the bathroom until she has the babies and then move her into my room once they are born???
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If the playroom is warm & undisturbed from kids or other pets, I would close off any place that would not be safe for her in there. I wouldn't move them under the bed or any small place Because you will have to get to them everyday for a kitten/mommy check & to weigh the little ones. Just make sure she has a few nice nests in the playroom, Since she is comfortable in there anyways. Good Luck!
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that might work just try to keep the room nice temp. Try a heating pad.
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How do you know if the cat is having contractions? I have seen people say stuff about feeling them???
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no no, i am not saying move her under my bed. I was saying if i put her in my room she could get under my bed and i couldnt get to her and i do NOT want that. I have went in there and got what my kids wanted to play with. I wont allow them or my other animals to go in there.

and yes, i have the camera ready! LOL
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Place your hand on her belly and if you feel tightening & relaxing, these are contractions, also pay close attention to your kitty's face, She will look uncomfortable. Hope my queen, looked as though she was pushing her back side towards the floor, kind of arched in a way.
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With my Tinkerbelle, it looked like constant ripples going from the top of her rib cage down to the start of her tail. There was no vocalisation.
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With Hope she meowed for me to come to her, spoiled...lol But with contractions during her pushing she kind of growl purred....
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Originally Posted by Nikki W
How do you know if the cat is having contractions? I have seen people say stuff about feeling them???
you have kids remeber what it felt like and also what it looked like Go from there
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I am so sad. I went in there to see if i could feel her having contractions but i cant or i guess i cant. i'm not excatly sure about it. She was dozing off to sleep while i was in there and she kept making these little whining sounds. It was so sad. She is so miserable. her face doesnt look just right. She doesnt have that happy look to her. She looks pretty miserable. she is getting up. She just stays layed down on her side. The babies are moving around like crazy in there though.
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Poor baby, Is she having any discharge? Also, Is she bagged up with milk?
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Maybe it will be a few hours. I think she is super close.
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I didnt look at my stomach while i was in labor. so i dont have a clue what it looked like. I was too busy crying. lol
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LOL, Tell me about it, I had 4 myself & that was the last thing I was worried about....giggle
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LOL it is like a ripple of waves and they it is tight HURTS....
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Earlier when I got home there was a dark spot on her but I just figured it was because she had made a big mess in her litter box but then about 30 minutes later when i got finished doing something with my daughter i went to look at her and it was gone. So i am guessing she cleaned herself. earlier she kept digging in her litter box, she kept kicking up the litter in the floor.
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There feel likes ripples on her sides. I noticed that earlier today. She still doesnt have any milk though but i'm not real worried about that b/c i have seen on here and heard from some family members that they dont always have there milk when they go into labor.
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The milk will be there after birth. Check her litter box. Is anything there that isn't what it is meant for.
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ok, i checked the litter box and everything was normal. I just went in and checked on Sponge and she rolled over on her back. so i started rubbing her belly and she just layed there and did this purring whining sound. she acted like she enjoyed me rubbing her belly. so i'm going to go back in there and sit with her for a few minutes and rub her belly.
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She could be in the early stages.
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Yeah, thats what i am thinking. just an hour or so ago she didnt want her belly touched and now she is rolling over for me to rub it. Just like a woman! LOL
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That is what makes me think she is in the early stages.
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Any day now!!

Just keep her comfortable and give her a quiet warm and dark birthing area. She might move them afterwards to another location but so long as you give her an area that is warm and quiet to have the babies, she will do just fine

Use old towels or sheets for the birth!! you'll have to throw them away afterwards.
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Most importantly BREATH!!! Also be patient..
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