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pregnant..i think...

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Right...i have got 3 cats...and recently this kitten has been coming onto our garden and eating the cat food...we didn't think anything about it because she has a collar on so she had an owner on the estate.

But recently she had been getting rounder and eating a lot more than she normally does, also her nipples stick out more...classic signs of a pregnant cat..thats what i thought!

But the thing is there is a chance she could have the kittens on our garden and we have no experience of dealing with kittens or pregnant cats! She is only a kitten herself (i would have got her neutered if she was mine) and i would have thought this makes her more at risk during pregnancy and birth. And i don't want the kittens to die because of the cold (we can't bring them inside due to us already having 2 indoor cats)

Also i would like to know-from anyone who knows the classic signs of a cat that is about to give birth-what signs i am looking for....and just any other information that i might need please ^_^

Thanks in advance...kitty_kat911
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I am not much help but this sight at the top has links in different threads on stuff that will benefit you. I will say look for discharge from her back and milk leaking from her nipples.
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Someone posted this link else where I think you could use it

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ok i think i am in the clear...i haven't seen the cat for a few days so hopefully..she is tucked up nice and warm in a little bed with her kittens ^_^
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I hope so but you have not seen her.
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