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Aggressive Male in the Neighborhood

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Hi there,
recently an aggressive male (unaltered) made our yard his new territory. We have 3 cats (2 female, 1 male - all altered) that are indoor outdoor cats. Our male stays out most of the time, whereas the females only go out every once in a while. This aggressive male cat has been terrorizing our cats. He fights with our male cat, chases our young female cat and wails outside our doors and windows all night.
Until the other day I had never seen this cat, but now he has become a fixture. I'm afraid he is making our yard his new territory.
He doesn't have a collar and is very unkempt, but seems to be comfortable with people. I guess my long winded question is this: what can I do about getting him to leave? Is it ethical to try to take this cat to a vet and have him fixed?
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I'd capture that male and either get him neutered or take him to the shelter. No reason in the world to let your cats be hurt physically by this other cat. And besides, you don't know what he could give them (FIB, FELV, etc. or fleas).
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Definitely. Try to trap him, take him to a vet-- or if you don't want to pay out of your own pocket there are often nonprofit organizations that do very low cost fixing, or free fixing. I would definitley take him to a shelter-- one that doesn't euthanise. The cat could have a disease (like GoldenKitty45 mentioned) that he could pass on to your cats, especially if their is aggression that can lead to biting, etc.
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Thank you both for the reassurance. More comments welcomed.
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I agree. I do this all the time. I have caught so many cats and either neutered and released them (i think some may have belonged to irresponsible or ignorant people, but too bad for them hehe) or else I took them to my local shelter where I worked. They were all adopted into nice homes including a 13 year old toothless cat. He found a home almost immediately. One was positive for FeLV so good thing I got him out of there. Please neuter him. He may even behave differently when he gets neutered. Never know, but it needs to be done.
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We have 3 barn cats (spayed/neutered) and this past year we've had 2 males that have decided to hang around. One apparently is neutered but kinda shy and really scared of our lab but not us or the other cats.

The other was a whole male (I think) cause he was spraying in the barn. There are NO unspayed cats around anymore so I have no idea why this male stayed - but he used to pick on our cats.

I know it sounds terrible but we saw him recently about a 1/4 mile from the house - car got him. We were not that sad cause he sprayed in the barn on things and was mean to our cats.
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