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My cat doesnt recognize my other cat

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I wasnt sure if I should put this here or in grooming.. but here is a shot.

Yesterday we took my large Cat Six to the groomers for the first time for a Lions Cut. He had really long hair that had out of control mats. I expected that my other cat Sammy would be a little thrown back being left at home but I never expected this.

When we got in the house Sammy followed him up the stairs and immediately made horrible noises and then jumped Six. We of course panicked and pulled the two apart. Six even though twice his size is a giant baby, and was already traumatized enough by the car ride and groomers.

They stayed apart for most of the day, and when they were not hissed, screamed and growled at one another.

Whats funny is that they both slept on the bed last night together, but as soon as morning came and Sammy saw Six in the light he went back to thinking he was a stranger.

So it seems at first it was perhaps the clean scent of Six that threw him off, and now the look.

Anyway I can help to remind Sammy that Six is still his long time friend, as he has spent all morning now hiding in the bedroom away from the supposed stranger.

I dont want another fight
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This happens when they just don't smell the same. When my cat Much had a tumor removed, Lucy didn't recognize her at all and was all hissy. What was really sad was that Lucy would wander the house looking for Much. I would suggest keeping them apart for a day or two like you would do when you first introduce strangers. Vanilla under the chins and near the tail will help them to smell the same.

Things should settle down.
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I assume you mean like vanilla extract? I have some vanilla body spray would that work the same way?
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Real vanilla extract, not the artificial stuff. I wouldn't use the body spray on the cats.
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Ok.. perhaps I can run to the store and grab some.

Im still confused as to why they laid side by side all night in bed together.. just like old times. Perhaps their smells were blending in with the bed?
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Its probably a combination of looks and smells that are different to your other cat. Could you get a little sweater to put on the shaved kitty for awhile?
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You know I probably could.. not sure how well he would take to that though hehe

Thanks for all the help guys
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