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take a look at our lovely Tinker. He isnt like his name and is as good as gold.

And he dosnt like it when we go on holiday!! were sunning it and he has to stay and look after things at home.

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He's absolutely gorgeous! What a striking color
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Laura he is gorgeous! Look at his big white beard!
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What a beautiful boy!
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I love the white beard he is a cute one....
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Tinker has a very lovely face
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laura he is gorgous those eyes are loverly
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What a beautiful face he has!!!
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Tinker is gorgeous!!
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Tinker what a gorgeous boy you are
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He is adorable! The picture of him laying on the clothes
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oh he is so beautiful
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Goodness - he's a doll!
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He is a very handsome kitty! I love his color!
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Quote tinker: "You all say great things about me, thanks to you all, i am putting an appeal out to anyone who wants me to do some modelling for them please get in touch, i want to be the next big thing but my mum says the life style wont suit me! i think it would, a jet setting life, what could be better!"

Quote mum: lol

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Oh, Laura! Tinger is just gorgeous! He's such a fluffy handsome boy, isn't he?!!

Tinker, you're welcome to come and do some modelling here in Manchester for me!
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What a GORGEOUS boy!!!!
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