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dog trial

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My friend, Katey, has seven Dalmatians. Two-and-a-half years ago, her female popped out 10 puppies. Katie, still, has five of them (she wouldn't let just ANYBODY have one of her babies). One of these "pups" is named Ike and he, absolutely, LOVES Bill and me. From Day One, he has parked himself between us, on the couch and won't leave us alone. We are quite fond of him, too. Katey is adamant that I am the ONLY person who can have one of those dogs. Bill and I would love to have Ike but, we were concerned that he might not be happy, as an only dog and would be too lonesome, while we're at work. We DO have this huge, fenced back yard. Last night, Katey suggested a trial period. Discussed it with Bill. The upshot: on my next four-day weekend, we're going to Tombstone and pick up Ike, on Thursday. If it doesn't work out, we'll take him back, on Sunday. He is, already, used to cats (Katey has 2). Opie's previous owners had a dog and Rowdy is too young to know better so, that won't be a problem. Our main concern is that Ike is happy. We don't want him to eat the sofa or, something like that. I hope it works out OK. I lost my Dalmatian, two months before Ike was born and moved across the state, before they were weaned. It will be so good to have a big, klutzy dog, again.
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Well I'm glad you're giving it a try and hopefully it will work out. It's good too that you've had experience with Dals since most first time Dal owners don't know what they're getting into.
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I was thinking the same thing as Jessica. I understand they are very active. Well, he'll have the whole yard to run and play in. I hope it works out for you!
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My first Dal was so laid back, she was, almost, comatose. She had an, extremely, placid disposition. Ike is more active but, we can deal with that. He is good with kids and cats. We don't have kids but, that gives me a good idea about his disposition. We were looking at one, at the Humane Society but, the info sheet said that she wasn't good with kids. Also, my nieces and nephews may be over, sometimes. Dals have gotten a bad rap, because of unscrupulous breeders, cashing in on the movie hype. My son has two that are big babies, though. If Ike doesn't work out, Mark is going to hook me up, with his breeder.
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Hope all goes well with your trial.

I think Dalmations are lovely dogs,used to have one when I was very young. Unfortuantly my fiance has banned me from owning an more animals Otherwise I would adopting a whole houseful of pets.
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Wibble, How can anyone forbid you from owning a pet? Has your fiance been asleep for the last hundred years? Women are even allowed to vote now! Believe me, this is not an attack on you. I am probably old enough to be your mother, but if my husband had forbidden me to do anything I would have told him-not too politely- where he should go. We discussed things; we didn't order or forbid one another.
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I, just, found out that I have this wekend off. I called Katey and we are picking up Ike, on Saturday. I, really hope this works out - Bill, already, loves that dog. On the way, we're picking up my son. He wants to go with us. I get to spend the day with ALL of my favorite males! Wibble, WHY are you engaged to a man who would FORBID you to have something? I went through that, with my first husband. I was not allowed to drive a car, go visit my mother or, get a job. Eventually, he hit me. By that time, my dad had bought me a car and I had a job and I got out. Your man is exhibiting classic abusive behavior. Honey, sit back and take a long look at what your life might be like, with him. No one has a right to forbid you, anything. Bill and I discussed buying the house, getting the cats and, now, getting Ike. That's what loving adults do. Good luck and take care of yourself.(())
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I hope things are going well for you and Ike this weekend! Keep us posted!
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We have Ike home, now. He didn't want to leave Katey's house - we had to hoist him into the car. He rode home OK (about 70 miles). He DID puke back there. Fortunately, we had put an old quilt in the back. That caught most of it. He's hanging out, on the patio - doesn't want to come into the house, yet. Opie and Rowdy don't seem to be too impressed with him. I took Rowdy outside, to meet Ike. They sniffed each other and bumped noses. Rowdy's tail was bushed out, like a bottle brush but no hissing or spitting. I don't think that she's ever seen a dog, before. He's sticking pretty close to Bill and me and Katey sent his favorite toys with him. If he wants to hang on the patio, for a while, its OK. It is shady and we put a pan of water out for him. As soon as I get pix, will post. Ike is a big, strapping fellow, about 85 lbs.
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We, finally, got Ike into the house. Opie sat on the back of the LaZBoy and growled. Rowdy sat on a windowsill and hissed. Ike tried to get Opie to play "Tag". Opie swatted Ike, who ran to Bill and me, for protection. That big, bad, nine-pound cat SCARED that 85-pound dog. I think we'll leave Ike outside, when we go to work on Monday. Our menagerie is shaping up to be a wrecking crew.
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Sounds like it's going pretty well, though. I think once all the animals get used to Ike and he gets used to them, it will calm down a bit.
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The line has been drawn, in the sand. Opie and Rowdy will share the house with Ike but, he's not allowed in the same room. We put a blanket down in the bedroom, for Ike but, Opie wouldn't let him in. He slept in the Arizona room, last night. Opie was "helping" Bill trim his mustache, this morning. Ike ventured into the hallway and, as he got to the bathroom door, Opie hissed and swatted him. Ike, realizing that discretion is the better part of valor, retreated. Rowdy does the same things that Opie does. It is amusing to see an 85-pound dog scared to death of a 9-pound and 2-pound cat. As long as no is getting hurt, I'm going to allow the apartheid to continue. Eventually, they'll all get used to each other.
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Thats great that things are going pretty well with Ike. I'm sure they'll all get used to each other as time goes on.
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