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Prayers/vibe for Samantha

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Just wanted to request some prayers/vibes for my brother and sister-in-law's cat, Samantha, a beautiful longhaired dilute tortie. They've had her since she was a kitten and she's almost 13 (older than their kids!). Anyway, Sam developed what appeared to be a minor eye infection a few weeks ago, but it's gotten progressively worse and now she can't see out of that eye. The vet did xrays yesterday and found that she has a tumor behind the eye. So, Sam is having surgery tomorrow and will probably have to have her eye removed. Needless to say her family is very worried about her, so any prayers or vibes you can spare for this sweet girl would be great. Thanks!
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Will certainly keep Samantha in my thoughts and prayers. Also sending
{{{{{ Good Luck Vibes}}}}. Please keep us posted.
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All the vibes and prayers to Samantha, One of my 3 weeks olds go to the vet tomorrow to see if she was born blind or has other underlying health issues.
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((((((get well soon))))))) Samantha!
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I hope everything goes well for sweet Samantha.
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Prayers and vibes for Samantha's speedy recovery!
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Poor Samantha Gotta love those long-haired dilute torties . Saying a prayer that her eye heals and that she regains her sight! I hope that your brother and sister-in-law have MANY more wonderful years left with her!
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I'm sending vibes for Samantha!
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Thanks so much for the vibes and prayers. Samantha made it through the surgery, but did lose her eye. We're now waiting on the results of the biopsy, and Samantha is resting at home with her family. Will keep you posted. Thanks again.
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Oh how sad that her eye had to be removed.
Samantha will be in my thoughts until this is all sorted out.
I will watch for your updates.
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Sorry to be so long in updating but didn't have a chance to contact my brother until yesterday.

Samantha is recovering pretty well and she gets her staples out tomorrow.
There was mostly good news with the biopsy. It was a malignant tumor,
but the vet was able to remove 2mm of healthy tissue all the way around
the tumor. The type of tumor she had has only a low to moderate change
of recurrance, and that chance is lower still because of its location.

So, Samantha is fine for now and hopefully will have a lot more time with her family. Apparently, she's even more affectionate than she was before, especially with my little niece and nephew. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and vibes for this sweet girl!
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Well...that's nice news, Eileen!
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This sound very hopeful Eileen.
Samantha will remain in my prayers that she will have many more years with her loving family.
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Hey everybody, I need to request more vibes and prayers for sweet Samantha. She now has another tumor and the vet feels its too risky to operate. So, she is being kept comfortable, but it looks like her time may be limited. Please keep Sam and her family in your prayers. She is very beloved pet and this is devastating to my brother, sister-in-law and the kids. Thanks so much.
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I will keep Samantha in my prayers and send Vibes to her.
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Prayers for Samantha and her family.
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Loving prayers for Sam & her family.
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