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cat-human bonding period

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Topanga is 6.5 weeks old and 1lb 6oz. My husband found her under the hood of his employee's car on 4/14. She is still a little skittish around us. I'm keeping her in our spare bathroom when we're not at home. When we are home she gets to run around in our study. She's eating and using the littler box. Clean bill of health from the vet.

My question.... How long does it take for them to bond to their owners? When I come into the room she meows and runs up to me. Rubs against my legs. I pick her up and I can only pet her for a few seconds before she starts pawing and biting my hands. She's not biting hard, but I know as she gets older it's not good. She purrs as I hold her, but her pupils get round. Is it just too soon for her to start bonding with me.

I haven't had a kitten in over 12 years so I've forgotten how to raise them. I have 2 dogs in the house too. Until Topanga gets bigger I'm keeping her seperated from the dogs.

Any kitty advice would be welcomed.

Here's my little Topanga
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Oh my goodness how sweet is she!

For me i bonded with mine within the first hour of bringing them home And because they looked to me for cuddles etc... i think they must have been the same.

I'd say she's already bonded with you when you say she comes running to you.

With her biting my Rosie can do the same if i stroke her for too long, so to me thats her way of saying she's had enough and i just slowly take my hand away.
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I agree that she's already bonded to you. Most kittens don't like being held for too long (would much rather be exploring and playing), Which is why she tries to get away after a few seconds. I'd just keep holding brief for now, and simply pet her most of the time. She'll most likely grow to be a total love-bucket from the way it sounds.
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Your kitty is an absolute beauty. Mine picked me at the shelter and we bonded that day also.

As for the *play biting* = just stop moving your hand and she will stop, it's her way of telling you to keep holding her but dont pet her anymore. If she persists in biting gently a form no or even a hiss will tel her to stop.

Abis did that at first but now even if she is charging around and wrestling with play toys she stops immediately when she confront my hands or fingers. and with her permanent teeth in, I am glad I trained her well.

Have fun with your new friend.
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I agree sounds like she's bonded to you already. Believe me if she wasn't she'd let you know. The biting is probably just her trying to play. There are lots of people here who can tell you how to stop her from doing this (I'm not really sure how)
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She is gorgeous! What a sweetheart!
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Our new kitten (last year) did the same, but he also seemed to want my fingertips in particular and I'm pretty sure he was looking for milk, if you know what I mean. They have no concept of hurting you with their claws at all, just of hanging on to something either fluttery (birds, hands) or maybe something to suck on, so just give her time. She is so beautiful!
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here's her normal look

I'll be gone this weekend for 4 days. I guess it's time for Hubby to bond with her.
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That little face has "Mischief" written all over it!!
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she's just gorgeous! what a sweetheart- I agree with the posts above- she has bonded to you since she "greets" you and that she's biting you to play or let you know she's had enough cuddle time and wants to PLAY!!!
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And now is the time to handle her little paws gently because you are going to need to start blunting those deliciously sharp little claws of hers.

oh she just melts my heart
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Originally Posted by Abigail
And now is the time to handle her little paws gently because you are going to need to start blunting those deliciously sharp little claws of hers.

oh she just melts my heart
the vet clipped them for me last Friday. She didn't fuss too much. I gave her a few drops of rescue remedy beforehand. I try to touch her paws when I hold her.
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When Bijou was all relaxed I used to gently hold his paws and stroke them while whispering sweet nothings to him. That got him used to having his paws touched and now when they need clipping (about weekly) we have no problems at all.

I can't wait to get home and see her picture (firewalls here at work prevent me from seeing some pictures).
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