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Do cats spray on one another?

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Hello again,

i posted the other day about a cat marking/spraying in my conservatory anyway i let simba out this morning he was gone a while then he came back and he smells very very bad like how my conservatory smelt the other day!

Is it possible that a cat has sprayed on him? Should i bathe him or wait for it to dissapear? Why has another cat done this to him?

We let him out as our garden is massive but there is a man a house down from us who has taken in several stray cats and they all enter our garden frequently, i dont know how to keep them out other than keeping simba in but that isnt really an optiion any more,
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Not that I know of. I had a foster who would smell terrible after spraying because some of it splashed back on him (I think that's what happened. only explanation i could come up with for it). Luckily, he only sprayed once, got the snip, and the thought never crossed his mind again.
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wish that were the case with simba he was neutered/snipped ages ago now and still does it occasionly i didnt see him do it but have just discovered it was him i think because he has done it on my daughters plastic rocking horse i caught him sniffing it then noticed the drops on it.He still smells bad though so dont know how he's managed to get it on top of his back where it smells worst
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Maybe he rubbed up against where another cat sprayed
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Spraying is territorial thing, also. I'ven't heard of cats spraying on one another, but maybe your cat, Simba, is still spraying after being nuetered because he feels threatened. Or he could have rubbed against another's spray.
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