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Just a quick "hello" from Amsterdam!!

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My brothers and I are spending a few days in Amsterdam before heading back to Edinburgh and then back home on Sunday. So far, I have seen 1 yes...1 cat in the city of Amsterdam. It's a gorgeous black and white cat that lives at a restaurant. There is supposedly (because I haven't managed to find it yet) a "cat boat" where stray cats are welcome to live and sunbathe. I would love to see it before we leave....but with so much to do, we probably won't get there (as I am the only cat addict of the three of us).

Warm greetings.

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Sounds like you are having a lovely time! That cat boat sounds awesome. I hope you do get to see it, make sure you take a pic!
Enjoy the rest of your trip.
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Hi Katie!

Yes, it does sound like you're having a great time! A bit of a whistle stop too, by the sounds of it!

I hope you've taken a picture of the black and white cutie for us all to see on your return!

I really hope you get to see the cat boat too - it must be such a great place for the stray kitties to live! Oh and if you do see it, a photo is a must!!!
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Hey Katie So pleased your enjoying yourself That cat boat sounds brilliant!, and i hope you can get to see it.

Like Sarah said take pictures of it if you can!
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Katie, I've seen photos of that "cat boat" - it's absolutely amazing. And: WHAT, you came to Europe, without telling the European TCS members you were going to be here? It would've been fun to arrange some sort of meet-up over Easter. Amsterdam is very close to Britain and Germany, if you go by North American standards of "distance".
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Nice to see you Katie. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
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