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Blind baby, some advice needed!!

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I noticed a problem with one of my 3 week old kittens, and took her to the vets yesterday and my suspicions were confirmed,She is blind.
I have to take her to an eye specialist tomorrow to see if there is an underlying cause or she was just born blind.
What I am needing to know form you guys is , if there are no underlying problems , can she go on the live a normal life with me and here mum.
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She is a very special kitty, indeed, and with your tender love and proper care, she will live a perfectly wonderful life with you and your Mum. Bless you for bringing this little angel into your heart and home!
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My love for her has now doubled over night, i will do anything to make her life as full as possible, however, i am just so worried the it us something underlying and that woul need continual vet treatment, as i simply could not afford as much as i would love to.
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She sounds so precious! With a few simple lifestyle accommodations, consistency, and your abundant love, she'll never know what a special (needs) kitty she is, but just that she's adored and cherished. Tomorrow will be a big day for you both. I really look forward to hearing all about her appt and what is learned.
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I will keep you updated
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I did a lot of reading on blind cats when my Smudgie lost his sight. There are a few accommodations they need, but really their quality of life does not suffer like a person's would. You should not move the furniture around a lot, they prefer little kitty beds laid around the floor, rather than doing a lot of jumping up on couches or beds (although that varies), and they like it when you talk to them. Remember if you swoop down and pick them up and carry them somewhere, they will be disoriented. But like James Herriot said, animals don't grieve the loss of their sight like a person would - they just take it in stride. I hope she's well otherwise!
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I've been cat-mom to 2 blind kitties & believe me, with a little extra attention & consideration a blind cat can have a great life. The most important thing, IMO, is NEVER let her outside, unless you are with her & she is on a lead. Good luck with at the vet's.
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Good news !! She is only patrially blind at the moment but the Vet wants to she her again in 4 weeks to Check that , that is still the case or if She is just a little slower in her development than the other 2.
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I am so pleased, even with partial sight , I will make sure her life is great.My Hubby is gonna start to build an outdoor run, when she gets bigger.
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My one eyed kitty girl was thought to be blind as a baby.
Then was partially blind as a weanling, which was only partly true.
In her case she has congenital glaucoma and had one swollen, dead eye.
Once it was removed her 'good' eye improved by leaps and bounds.

She sees just fine, the only thing is that her pupil only offers so much reaction, so she's photosensitive.

Here's hoping your special baby's eyes clear and are at least as nearly normal as my baby's eye.

Regardless, I wish you and her the best.
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Yes she can live a normal life with some adjustments. Make sure she knows where the litter box is - you may even have several in the house (like one on each floor if you have multiple levels).

Keep the food/water bowls on the floor - since she cannot see, it would be hard for her to know how to jump up on a higher place unless you keep a chair between the floor/counter and never move it.

Furniture has to pretty much be kept where it is. When you move furniture around, its like a blind person - they have to learn where things are locate or they run into them.

Be patient and help them "see" the room. I've heard of dogs/cats that kinda adopt a guide and stick close to them to find their way.
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Great to hear your kitty is only partially blind, and it may improve.

As to your original question: animals, any really, handle blindness much better than humans. I have a blind guinea pig, and he acts fairly normal. He sticks to the edge of things for the most part when he's running around, and he is more vocal but otherwise you'd never know.

I knew a cat that was blind. She was a feral, but extremely tame, and she had no problem. It was at a shelter, and she knew how to get in and out of her cgae with ease. She was sometimes slow to move, but you could hardly tell she was blind. She moved with ease, acted like any other cat-- she played, followed humans, rubbed up against legs, etc.

Adjustment, so your kitty can find the room (and map it out for herself), is the biggest key. Don't move furniture, and as little change as possible is probably best (I don't think a new person or cat would make a huge difference, though it'd take adjusting like any other situation of bringing in a new person/animal.) I know I repeated a lot of what others said.

Good luck to you and your kitty.
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Blind cats absolutely can live normal lives. She will need some special care - for instance, you may want to put padding on the corners of the walls and furniture so she doesn't hurt herself, and make sure to keep the food and litter in the same place and show her where it is if you move it.

In general, she will navigate by sound, smell, and touch. These senses are so acute that it is really hard to tell that a blind cat can't see.

But otherwise, she's an example of what is so cool about animals - they can't feel sorry for themselves. She has no idea that she's supposed to be able to see or that being blind makes her any different from anyone else. Her life won't be exactly like other cats' lives but it will be her life and she will have just as much pleasure in it as any other cat.
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