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Poop at the bathroom floor.

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I trained my kitten to Poop on the toilet's floor so that i can easily clean it up. At first im glad and happy becouse she always poop at the same area. suddenly she already doing something bad to her poop. After pooping she's stepping and playing with her poop and all of the dirt comes to her now all over her body so i need to take her a bath then at night she will do that again and again and bath her again and again. Im tired of doing that speacially when im busy doing something.

Im planning to train her to poop where people poop so that she can no longer touch it and i just press the flush button. I dont know hot to teach her.
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Does she not have a litter box? ALL cats bury their poop. She is not playing in it, she is triing to bury it. Please get her a litter box. You ALL will be much happier. Training a cat to use the people toilet takes time and does not always work. Even with that method you need a litter box. As far as training her to use a people toilet, I have no clue. I think there are some people here who do it but for the most part everyone uses boxes.

My little one shows interest in the people toilet. She likes to watch it flush and also trys to bury our waste when we are done. She will jump up on the rim and start digging looking at you as if to say, see this is how you do it.

PLEASE PLEASE get a litter box!
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I dont have any idea about litter box... Does litter box suppose to have a sand? or can i get a litterbox just a litterbox that no sand?
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You need to buy a litterbox and kitty litter. How dirty her pooping on the floor.
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Go to your local pet store where they stock them, but the kitten should really have one for hygiene reasons!.
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hiya, get her a litter tray or box with some litter (you can research good types to try through this site) and i would put it in the bathroom if that is where she has always pooped then its not too big a change for her....i agrree she must have been trying to bury it as cats like to bury and be clean and also that way it doesnt go on them because it sticks to the litter then you have to scoop it out straight away to keep it clean Good luck
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