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Feline Greenies?

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Anyone heard of them? I was at the vet today (for my guinea pig) and they seem to be okay. They have chicken meal, which I'm weary against. My cats are very picky eaters when it comes to cat food and treats. But it'd be nice if they could get some dental care, etc. with a treat.
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Chicken meal has more actual meat content than chicken by weight.
Chicken meal is chicken that has simply had the water removed.

I have some feline greenies samples, seem ok to me, but if your cat doesn't chew them, I don't recommend them.

There were some issues not a few months ago where dogs were having problems with them (from not chewing).
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My boy Sam will droool over feline greenies. He will get one and hold it in his mouth for a minute or so and then tenderly chew it up with a glazed look on his face. He would eat the whole bag if we let him.

We are very careful about treats at our house and feline greenies have passed as a good occasional treat for our crew. Our dogs however are not allowed to have them because they dont chew them well enough.
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My girls love greenies. I feed them carefully though, never unsupervised to make sure they are eating them and not swallowing them whole.
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just an FYI feline greenies are made up diffrently than the dog ones, and are a completly diffrent consitancy.
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Greenies are the only treats that my entire crew likes, other treats I have to buy several different brands.
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The Easter Bunny brought Oliver some greenies and he LOVES them! And I have noticed that he chews them every time I give him some... the cat ones are hard and crunchy, whereas the dog ones are kind of gummy so if your dog is an "inhaler" haha they are not recommended because they'd essentially swallow one big ball of goop which can easily get stuck in the digestive tract.... my black lab Cuddles gets dog greenies occasionally, but she is always supervised when eating them and she is in no way an inhlaer (she's 12, so far from a hyper puppy too)...
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