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Question about a collar,,

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Hi, What is the best way to fit a collar on a cat? I have one on Tuffy and some times it seems way loose But when I try to go one hole tighter it seems to tight. Tonight I made a hole half way between the holes I was working with and it seems OK now. I am asking because I want to see how he acts on a leash and I don't want the collar to just pull over his head if he pulls against it.

Its not a safety collar but it does have a loop of some stretchy stuff that gives real easy so it can get bigger if need be. I also have a safety collar but it don't take much pull to make it pop open, I am affraid as strong as Tuffy is he will pull on the leash and pop the collar off.
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The rule of thumb I use (read it somewhere eons ago, and it seems to be fine) is three fingers between the collar and the neck. That said, if you're training him to a leash, and especially given a concern about pulling on it, you really should use a harness for that purpose. Otherwise he may hurt himself.
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I totally agree with the above, i would never dream of using a leash and collar on a cat. Harnesses are much kinder
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Voicing in on the harness thing. never leash and tug on their little necks.

and get an H shaped harness that's adjustable. If you cant find one for a cat, get one for a toy dog.
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Collars should never be used for leashing, IMO, on cats, dogs or other animals... the are unsafe, and if the animal gets spooked, he may choke himself - anyhow, a cat's collar should be fitted in a way that he can easily get out of it if he gets caught somewhere... and I use the 2 fingers between the neck and collar rule... but definitely invest in an H harness for leashing...
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Hi, Thanks everyone, Thats why I have not tried the leash on him, I am affraid he is going to freak out and hurt himself before I can get to him. I put the collar on him with a information tag after he took off outside that day, just incase he gets out and runs off maybe someone will bring him back. He plays with the leash as a toy so its not new to him but I never hooked it up to him yet.

I was wondering about a leash because I am still thinking about taking him along camping a couple times. The kids had a harness here at one time they tried on Angel I think or maybe it was for her very tiny dog which is about the same size as a larger cat. I will have to see if it is still here someplace.
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