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The Confessions Thread

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This is where you confess your secrets and stuff, these are mine.

I know that if I wasnt me, and I knew me, I would HATE me, because I am rude, and obnoxious, and mean, and bratty, and a little stupid jerk who acts like a stuck up princess, and then gets in trouble for it.

When I see some people on TV, I get mad at them and yell at the TV for them being a moron, and then realize I'm the same way.

I like to argue.

I dont have the SLIGHTEST idea why I hate Hillary Duff, and sometimes question that I do.

Even though I am not allowed to, I use curse words when my parents arent listening.

I am totally fine one minute, and 5 seconds later I think somethin totally awful happened, when it actually didnt.

I worry about everything.

I talk bad about some people behind there backs.

I say I hate this girl, but I truley just want to be her friend, even though she was mean to me.

I used to talk bad about someone (and still do) and say how much I hate her, but its because I am jelous.

I LOVE gossip.

I act like a stupid girl sumtimes.

I fantasize about Gerard Way like, at least 12 hours a day altogether.

I get bored so easilly it makes me mad.

I am very good at math, but I hate it.

I really actually like to cry and get upset sumtimes.

I wanna get really drunk someday for no reason.

I think way to much of myself.

I tell little white lies all the time, even tho I claim to not be a lier.

I want to be so much more succesful then my little sister, who even has different dreams then I do.

I dont really hate people.

Ok, those are my confessions, and if you say anything mean, you will wish you didnt.

P.S. If I posted in any slang at all, please forgive me! Its just that I wrote this in slang, and then tried to go back and fix anything I could so ya, If I missed anything, please forgive me!
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Also, I am very insecure, and worry about my weight, and how I look.

And I also think that MY best friend, has somebody ELSE as a best friend, I just never asked her about it.

I really want friends. I dont have many I get 2 see. I want a friend like those people you see on TV that hang out all the time, sleep over at each others houses every other week, do everything together, like in my 4-H class, there are these girls who will sit there before the meeting and talk, talk, talk, talk, and I dont have anyone to talk to, I just sit there. (And think about Gerard) and wait for the stupid meeting to start, and I really want a friend like they have, but I think I never will.
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