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one or two kittens?

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I am getting a kitten in May. I had been thinking about getting two but her brothers and sisters have already found homes. She and I will be moving in August so I was wondering if it makes more sense to just be her and me or to get a second kitten when I move in August. I will either be in school or working most of the time during the day after the summer and I am worried about her getting lonely. There is a possibility to take the cat my parents have who is 7-8 maybe older. Would it be better to get a kitten or take my older cat? Also, the older cat is declawed but is an indoor/outdoor cat... not by my choice. I am not sure if I can break him of wanting to go out whenever he wants. Any suggestions?
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I would say that kitten would probably go best with another one near its own age..It seems to make the most sense. But I don't know for a fact..just a guess
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I think it would be better to have 2 kittens around the same age or within a year of each other. BUT you have to remember that you must have them neutered/spayed, especially if they are opposite sex.

It would depend more on the personality of the first kitten as to who would be a good match.
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Oh she is going to get fixed a few weeks before we move. I already have the appointment set up :-)
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I say two kittens is best, as long as you can afford to keep up with all the expenses they require. They will be less lonely if they have each other while you're gone.
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One kitten alone would have extra energy to burn, and extra energy almost always ends up being a negative thing.
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Is it bad to get a kitten from a pet store?
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Trout is from a pet store..although from now on I think any other animals I get will be rescued.(From the HS)
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I know that I got my cat Sherbert from a shelter that was near me, and I would never regret it! About the whole kitten with another kitten or cat thing-I think that it would depend more on the personality of the adult cat than the age of the cat
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My opinion on petstores is that they are terrible, although I fell for it for a few pets...

First, I have been in there when animals come in. Its typical people, usually that look "farmish". Which would be ok, if they are farm animals..
But I think the petstores around here, just get any old litter that was raised and pay these people cheaply for them...

Plus, at our stores, they only do the worming I believe..They might do like one shot too..I know it isnt much, and you have to take them to get seen by the vet immed anyway..

My whole point is, if they are gonna charge you like 150 for a alley cat, where you dont know the backround , and it still needs fixed..Your better off going to a shelter, or something, where they have shots completed, and usually fixed..

Just my opinion
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Two kittens, I agree completely.

As for the pet stores, some pet stores don't "sell" cats but instead allow local shelters to come in and adopt out. I volunteer for a local shelter and we have 9 permanent cages at Petsmart that we adopt out of. Our fee is 65 bucks and the cats have gotten all the shots they need and dewormed and deflead, etc.

So check it out, maybe it's a shelter working through a store instead of a kitty farm. We can only hope.

Oh but yes you should still bring a new cat right to the vet upon adoption, even if from a shelter. By that time each cat needs individualized care and might need to be treated for something like ear mites or a respiratory virus, which are easily transmitted in store/shelter/foster home environments.
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Thank you all so much for you fast responses. The pet adoption fee from the shelter in Lubbock is close to 80 dollars and they said they may have to raise it. If the pet store is about the same price or doesn't give t hem any shots and what not I would rather go to the shelter because I already know there is a cat there I would love to adopt because she only has one eye and most people want a perfect looking kitty.
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I say two kittens, also.

Oh, go to the shelter, definitely At the very least, when you go to a shelter you know you're getting a cat who really needs you... Pet store kittens are as unpredictable as shelter cats, really; and purebred cats, if not produced by a responsible breeder, often do have behavior and health problems...

Naturally you should only adopt a cat without medical problems (beyond the little stuff like ear mites... and, yes, a healthy cat with one eye is "little stuff", so go right ahead and snatch up that cutie!). Find a different shelter if they're charging $150 per cat... that's a bit much, unless they're throwing in neutering and/or shots with it, in which case it's fair.
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