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How can I teach my kittie to hang around a small dog?

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I've seen cats & dogs living together with no problem. Even meeting after they are both grown ups. I don't need them to be friends- just to be around together WITHOUT harming each other. I've always been a dog-person and this is my first experience w/cats. My mom has our all time doggie girl shih-tzu (small dog like a med- yorkie) and I live alone now and have a new 8-weeks by now kittie. I sometimes visit my mom I stay over w/my kittie but separated from the dog. I just don't want my cat to harm my dog by scratching her eyes or anything.

How can I teach them to be together?

HELP!! Cristina
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Well, thats a difficult one. Unless she is with a dog more than just now and then, she may never get used to the idea. While she is young, it is best to get her used to the dog. The cat needs to be around the dog while restrained. So she will feel less of a threat. Most kittens will adjust within a week. Maybe if you bring the dog home for a little while
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My concern would be the dog, small though it is, doing harm to the kitten. It might be a better idea to let the cat put a few more pounds on (another month or two) before introducing the dog, although the sooner they are introduced, the sooner they will adjust to each other. I had brought home my in-laws then-5yr Springer Spaniel to live with my 2 cats (1yr old at the time) but I was lucky enough the dog had been raised previously with a cat. The adjustment was quick, once dog realized the cats were roommates & not just alleycats to chase for a cheap thrill, but my obvious concern for the first few days was the size advantage dog had over them.
I'm confident your two will bond in no time, once the groundwork is established.
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Have you thought about bringing the kitten to visit in a carrier? That way the 2 could get used to each other a bit, and there would be no chance of anybody getting hurt.
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One possible option to this is to try using a baby fence to seperate two rooms. The dog and cat can get accustomed to seeing one another and begin to feel comfortable with each other's presence. It also helps maintain the safety of your pets while trying to unite the two into a family.
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When we first got our cat, we set him up in our bedroom with food and a litter box (and enough space in between)so he had a relaxing area to adjust to his new surroundings. Whenever I let the dogs out, I let the cat wander out of the bedroom to explore and get used to the dog scents. When I'd let the dogs back in, there was cat scent about for them to become accustomed to. After about 3 days, I was able to make a successful introduction between the cat and the dogs. Since both dogs and cats live in scent-oriented worlds, this "pre-introduction" really helped. But expect some ruffled fur when your dog tries to sniff your cat's butt - cats do not seem to like this

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If these two are going to be around each other periodically from now on. I would make a very concentrated effort while the kitten is young...they adapt much faster. A great trick is to take a hand towel and rub it all over one and then the other and back and forth until they smell the same to each other. Smell is one of the main senses they use to recognize friend or foe. Using a small carrier to keep them separated but close (one in and one out) is good. Having you hold the dog and your mother hold the kitten will also help. If their favorite person smells like the other one...hmmm, may not be so bad. Be patient, don't force it.
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