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Wedded "Bliss" with my DH for 20 yrs now!!
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Single and looking
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Single & haven't even started looking yet. Someday...a hot farmer will find me!
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Soon to be married!! (4.5 months)....not like I'm counting!!
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Happily married female 20 years and still going strong
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Single and half looking!
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livin' with male SO. We've together for 5 1/2 years (6 in October) and we boght our house last may!
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Originally Posted by ButterflyDreame
Happily Married
.....and still sooooooooooooo happy! after 6 years ago! ..
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Single, sterotypical cat lady.

Will probably die alone and be eaten by Jupiter...

Just kidding! Single and loving it!
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Single female.
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I can't really vote for any of those.. I'm in a relationship, but not married or living with that person.
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I'm married for almost 10 months now, it'll be a year on July 1st.
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living with male for almost 14 years....
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Well, it's just me and Devin in the apartment but I'm happily attached to a male named José.
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