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Help with Wet Food

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Hello Everyone!!

I currently feed Dita Natural Balance Dry food (less than 1/4 cup per day) and then 1 full package of Iams Select Bites divided up into two feedings, once in the morning and once at night.

I have been trying to get her to eat more wet food, but the most I can get her to eat is half a package per feeding, she will not eat more. She also will not eat any of the 'better' wet foods out there. She turned her nose up at Merricks, she refused outright to eat Evo or Natural Balance Wet. I tried the Nutro pouches and it made her sick. The only other brand other than Iams she will eat is Fancy Feast! She would eat the whole can if I gave it to her.

My question is would it be completely horrible if I switched her to Fancy Feast and gave her a tin of that per day and then some of the Natural Balance kibbles? Iams is so expensive for what I consider to be a not so good food as I know that I am suppose to stay away from Meat by-products, but she refuses all of the better brands! It took me forever to get her on Natural Balance Venison and Peas dry from Iams dry.

She has an Allergy to corn that I must be always conscious of.
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I personally dont see anything wrong with the FF vs IAMS but thats me. Have you tried the new Meow Mix pouches on her?
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You're the only other person I know whose cat got sick on the Nutro pouches. I have the same problem with wet food because I made the mistake of feeding dry exclusively when they were kittens. I had read so much about picky cats liking the Nutro so I tried it. He got sick almost instantly. I've been able to get them to eat small amounts of the Merricks but I end up throwing more out than gets eaten and it's awfully pricey for that. I am about to give in and just give them the Fancy Feast along with the good quality dry that I am giving them.
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I would suspect kitty has a wheat issue... avoid the gravey type wet foods ... meow mix has some flavors without wheat..

Have you tried 3ounce or 85 gram cans ... they often taste better ..

pro pac makes some good cans without wheat
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Have you tried maybe mixing some of a better food with the FF and gradually increasing the amount of better food? Can't hurt to try.
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I would like to try Meow Mix, but I can't find them here in Canada. They sell the dry food at the two grocery stores that I go to (A&P and Food Basics), but not the wet food. They do sell what seems like 50 different types of Fancy Feast as well as Friskies and a bunch of other junk.

I have tried to feed her the good stuff mixed in with the fancy feast and the Iams pouches, but she picks what she wants out and leaves the rest. She is soo super picky that she will eat the Iams pouches but not the canned version! Get that one.

I guess I just may have to get use to the fact she will only eat Fancy Feast and Iams Pouches for wet food.
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She is a really cute cat. What breed is she?
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SHe's gorgeous, alright!!
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