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Poor thing... Did you name it? I think it ought to have a name, even if it didn't live very long.
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Originally Posted by CommonOddity042
On a side note, I agree that mom is a strikingly gorgeous cat.
she certainly is! very lovely cat!
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I am so sorry about your kitten.
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RIP little itty
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Originally Posted by gardenmum
My big concern right now is that I do not believe that the kitten can blink or shut its eye lids at this point and think I should probably put something in them to keep them moist but not sure what to use. I will put some water on them tonight and check with the vet tomorrow.
I wouldn't put regular water on them. Do you have a bottle of saline solution? That would be better.

The mom is very pretty!
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It was probably a matter of nature taking its course with this little one... Better than a cat having to live a short life with painful medical problems.

Still sad, though.
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I am sorry for your loss of the little one how are the rest? as I asked in my other post have you ever considered showing her [the mom]?
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Sorry it has taken me a while to get back onto here. My computer's mother board went bad and corrupted the hard drives so it took some time to get everything back into top running order again. Luckily I was able to retrieve all of the stuff on the hard drive.... phew!

And, as far as showing the mom, no I haven't thought of that. I wouldn't even know where to start and don't know if she would like that.

The kittens are doing fine. I have two boys and one girl and they are 4 weeks old now. Here are pictures of them. It was easier to hold them to get good still pictures of them. They are cuties and the "black" ones are starting to loose the black coloration and the greys are coming out. This is very typical of the babies from this line of cats. They all have silver undercoats and are born darker with the color lightening and the pattern becoming more distinct as they grow.

Male 1

Male 2


All three playing with Kismet, a rescue kitten. (I rescued 21 kittens from a place, bathed them, defleaed them, wormed them and found them good homes. This little girl kinda struck my heart so she is staying for a short while and will be my mom's new kitty.) AND, no, the blanket they are on is not dirty, don't want people to think that. It is a very, very old wool blanket that has rust stains all over it.
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Gardenmum....since she isn't pedigreed...I would assume she could only be shown in the "housepet" catagory. I don't know if this was a planned pregnancy or not, but it is probably a good idea to arrange mom's spay for when the kittens are between 6-8 weeks of age (when they are weaned). Also, keep mom indoors only and away from intact males so she doesn't get pregnant again. Glad the other 3 kittens are doing well.

If you need a low cost clinic...I have provided a list below for Vermont:


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