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Shtinky Kitty

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Well, Miki was doing fine on wet food and dry food during this weekend. Its not the same brand as the vets who were boarding her were using, but she didn't seem to have any problems. On Saturday night, I noticed my mom had set down some left over homemade chicken soup for her, but I didn't think much of it. But later that night I awoke to a horrid smell and found that Miki had had diarrea. Had it been the chicken? Do you feed your cats table food, and if so, what is acceptable to give them?
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I feed raw so ya some of there food is table ...

chn can cause gas in some animals ... likely the other things in the soup made it too rich ...
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Yea, I'm not quite sure what else was in the soup, but my mom has a habit of giving an animal any kind of food it wants, (except very sugary things or chocolate.) We used to have a rottwieler who was 165lbs. He ate just about anything, except most fruit and mashed potatoes. Anything else was fair game, and he was very overweight. I'm afraid of my mom doing this to Miki. I know she's trying to put weight on her new dog (very skinny. Supposedly she was out on the streets for more than a week without a decent meal.) but Miki definatly doesn't need more food. She eats like a pig as is.
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Maybe your cat overate and that made her sick?

My cats eat a lot of human food, but in small quantities. Nothing big, little bites and licks. They have their food, and us humans ours, so human food should be like a "treat". It's like candy with kids, too much and they get sick. Too much over a long period of time and there are health reprecussions.
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