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is my kitty pregnant.

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im not sure if my kitty is pregnant or in heat, or just being its weird self. she seems sorta different, and she is a yer old. i also have a 1 1/2 year old male. and i have caught him on top of her, holding her neck, but never in the act. so i have no idea what is going on. could someone help me please!
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It is most likely that if your male and female mated that she is now pregnant. The fact that you saw him on her and you did not separate them in anyway, means that after a few rounds she conceived. 2 weeks to 3 weeks from mating time you'll notice your female's nipples turn pink and "point out".. she will start to show from about 4 weeks pregnant.

A female in heat behaves very affectingly and when petted in her "behind area" she will get into "mating position" while making very unusual voices. When their heat is strong they will also gently kick they're legs backwards when petted that way.

Do take into consideration nurturing and spaying. Not all cat owners understand the meaning and difficulty behind finding kittens good homes.
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thank you. i was wanting her to get pregnant tho. my grandparents wanted to take care of some kittens because they dont really have anything else to do with their time, and we were going to keep the rest. so im ready for it. i have been sorta of looking information up and everything. thanks for the help!
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You really should not be breeding unregistered, non-purebred cats when there are so many kittens being killed daily in the shelters, and for various other moral reasons. Do you know the entire genetic backgrounds of your cats to be sure they are not carrying any diseases or genetic problems that they may pass down to their kittens. Are you an expert on their breeds and know that they are an excellent speciman of their particular breed? If not you are doing what is called "backyard breeding". Are you ready to pay big bucks if there is a problem and your cat needs an emergency c-section in the middle of the night with an emergency vet?

Please consider spaying and neutering and adopting a kitten or two from a shelter. If you really want to see them being born and experiencing it all, you can foster a pregnant mother from a shelter. They would be forever grateful and you can then adopt the kittens. Please don't add to the overpopulation and spay and neuter your cats. Please check the forum rules too about backyard breeding.

For this pregnancy, we are here to help and answer your questions. But at least neuter your male because he can get her pregnant as little as a week or two after giving birth. He needs to be completely seperated from her when she is ready to give birth until the babies are older. They need to stay with the mother until they are 10-12 weeks old.By 4 -5 months, they can also become pregnant. Good luck.
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I wish you luck, but it can be dangerous.
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So the male is entire?
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