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Cats & Olives!!!

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We were eating olives today and our cat kept trying to steal them from us...so we threw one on the floor for him and next thing we know ALL of our cats came running.They LOVE olives...they were rolling around with them,smelling them,licking them,and just couldn't stay away from them!Does anyone else have olive loving cats???If not maybe you should try giving your cat one or two,they'll probably love it!!!
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I've read that the smell of olives (particularly Spanish olives) can stimulate some kitty brains in a manner similar to the way in which catnip does. I wonder if it's caused by the same (catnip-sensing) gene... my cat doesn't react to olives, but she doesn't react to catnip, either!
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I was figureing they thought olives where new toys
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OMG-I know exactly what you mean about the olives thing! lol-I know that my cat Sherbert doesn't bother us TOO much for the food, but when it comes to olives, he pushes through my hands! lol :O I thought that Sherbert was just the kind of cat that loved olives!
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It's the salt - they love salt, just make sure there are no pits in them!
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I did not know they liked salt. Are olives ok for them to eat.
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My cats really don't eat them except for our cat Cookie(she eats them! )...they just like to play with them and lick them.But I don't think one olive every now and then would really hurt them...see if your cat likes them!
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She don't she just bats at it. Gives it to baby LOL o well I will have to eat the whole can now
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LOL Well atleast someone (Momof3rugratz) gets to enjot them!
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I thought olives were bad for kitties
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Too much can upset their stomachs... one isn't going to hurt.
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Mine would not even eat 1. I guess there was a hidden one from last night and I got the pleasure of squashing it with my foot this morning
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