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I Got The Job!!!!!

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I mentioned earlier this month that I put in my 1st landscape bid for a commercial project. I got the call this afternoon and I got it!!!! Plus a couple more areas not orginally in bid.
So I have to get my insurance in place and a copy to them and a quick meeting to firm up some stuff!!! Then some serious shrub and perennial buying.
I also picked up a job this am doing a bit of weeding and moving some plants around in a nice ladies flower bed!!! And firmed up my big residential job which has some issues I didn't see unde the snow. Oh well I will be a learning situation..
Crossing my fingers for more phone calls to keep me busy after these are done.
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That is totally awesome hun!
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Congratulations! Looks like you're going to have a busy first summer!
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yay GAIL!!!!!! you deserve it!
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Congratulations! More good luck to you!
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Originally Posted by Kaleetha
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!absolutely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this deserves a special dance for you!
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Gail, that's AWESOME!
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Yay! Big time congratulations!!!
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Hooray! I hope things continue to improve for you!
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You must be soooo excited! And if you ever come to Southern Ontario I have a job for you......I kill plants by just looking at them!
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Congratulations Gail! I am so excited for you!
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That is so great! I am so excited for you and I know you will do a FANTASTIC job!!
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