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poor little kitty

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Today when my daughter came home from school she rushed in and asked me to come outside and look at a cat.
It looked as if it had been hit by a car, it had grease on it's back and tail, and was missing an eye
The poor thing was SO thin and looked sickly, so I couldn't bring it in the house. We got a bowl of water and canned cat food and took it outside to it, along with a box with some rags in it. It drank but wouldn't eat. I put it in the box and took it to the vet, if it lives it will then go up for adoption at the humane society.
If it was just injured I could foster it here, but it looks sick too unfortunately so I can't put my other pets at risk.
I really doubt it will make it, but even if it gets put down, I couldn't just leave it out there to die.
My daughter said 4 other people walked by and did nothing. It just infuriates me It only took maybe 45 minutes out of our day... how people can have no compassion for another living creature is beyond me.
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I'm glad you and your daughter stopped to help that cat. It's so sad that others just walked by and left him to suffer.
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The cat's lucky there are familes like you and your daughter. Fingers crossed that kitty is okay.
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I'm glad there are people with compassion like you and your daughter who will take 45 minutes out of their day to save a life, or at the very least to ease the suffering of the little ones. Bless for you helping this little kitty.
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Please let us know how the cat is doing. Thank you for being caring.
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poor kitty thats just awful
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May your kindness towards the unfortunate cat bring many blessings to your daughter and you! How wonderful that your girl knew that she could count on her mom!! You are setting a wonderful example for all! As for the others who just walked by... :onfire2:
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Is there any news yet.
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Aw, I hope the little one is okay..
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Aww I hope the little mite recovers {{{{Prayers}}}}
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I am praying for the little angel.
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Continuing to send {{{prayers & vibes}}} for the rescued kitty.... And some California sunshine to PondWader & her daughter (not that we have that much here these days)
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Time for an update!
The little kitty is doing great!
She (yes, apparently it is a girl cat, I didn't know at the time) was treated with antibiotics, and xrayed etc... she had a fractured foot, but nothing serious was broken. They actually think the cat had such a serious case of an upper repiratory infection, that is what caused it to loose it's eye, not being hit by a car. That is also likely why it wouldn't eat for a couple of days. Once the antibiotics kicked in the cat began eating, slowly and in small amounts.
They really didn't think she would make it, which is why I didn't post an update sooner.... but now she seems to be out of the woods so to speak
She's got some time before she is adoptable, but she is an affectionate girl so despite the missing eye they think (hope) someone will fall in love with her and take her home.
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What a great update! I'm so happy that she's doing well. You and your daughter can really feel good knowing that you literally did save her life. Your daughter deserves a big pat on the back for caring enough to do something for this little one.
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Thank you SO MUCH for rescuing that kitty! Such good news, too I agree with Heidi - your daughter deserves a pat on the back for SAVING A LIFE!! She saw a life in need & DID SOMETHING! She is a real Animal Rescue Hero!! and my cats, grandson & I salute her
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