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I keep thinking Jada is going to give birth any minute. She will snoop around the house for about an hour. She snoops in her nest, then under the beds, then on top of the fridge, then in the bathroom closet and etc..... And then all of a sudden she'll go eat for a few seconds and then go take a nap. When she wakes up she does the same sort of routine. This has been happening for a couple of days. How long will she snoop or nest like this until she decides to give birth? And does this means we're close?

Also, Should I confine her in the bathroom with her nesting box permanently now? I have her in there with the door shut at night in case she gives birth while we're sleeping but she hates being stuck in there so I don't confine her during the day. I've just been keeping an eye on her and figured I'd guide her into the bathroom if it looks like she's pushing or "in labor". What do you all think?

Thanks for any info! You all area great!