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I posted the same thing in a different forum, but its also kinda a behavior thing lol...Hi all...recently i came across a female himalayan cat. The previous owner had to get rid of her and instead of letting her go to the pound i took her. The owner said she had been to vet before--foudn out that was a lie. They also said she was spayed. Well, last night i noticed some signs of heat...she is vocalizing alot more and also rubbing her rear on furniture and whoever is petting her. Anyhow, i also have 2 other cats...males...both neutered. Well, today i went into my den and found one of the males on top of her. They keep going back to it. I was wondering if this could result in pregnancy? He is about 11 months old, got him fixed about 3 months ago. I had seen before that a neutered male could still reproduce up to a month after, but 3 months? I seperated them, but when i left to run errands i came back and he was on top of her again. I was just wondering why he has any kind of sex drive and/or can he actually still get her pregnant?? please let me know, ty
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I doubt he could, but the female has got to be miserable. Poor thing. Watch out in case she gets out.
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Cats who reached sexual maturity before their "fix" often have the instincts. I've seen a male cat, stray until one year old, who was neutered years ago, regularly "hump" his brother (neutered at five weeks). He probably can't get her pregnant, but if she was spayed they missed something. Get her spayed as soon as you can!
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It could also be an act of domination.
Dogs will do this all the time. I've seen a female dog hump a male dog, mainly as a way to let him know she's in charge.

Zissou'sMom is right though. If the poor thing went through her first heat before being fixed then she will still have the natural instinct for the rest of her life.
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I agree with what people have said. Domination, instinct, etc. Spay your female as soon as possible, and try to keep her as indoors as possible until?
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