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Photos - 6 days old

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Today's pictures of "the gang" hanging out in their new nest under the bed....
(I pulled the bed out to take these pictures)

the 2 grays in the forefront I am calling Cruisin' and Bruisin'. Bruisin' is the one up on his front paws and Cruisin' is the one lounging across him. They are the biggest and liveliest ones.....

there's Bruisin' again watching over the gang ...
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Toooooooo cute! I love their colour! Are you keeping all of them?
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NO wayyyy!! lol

Do you want a kitty?? They're free to a good home!
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all of them settled on their new fleece blanket....
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I'd love a grey one! But with 4 new kittens of my own on my hands I'd better not!!!
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Oh, I would love a little fuzzy grey one! I guess I could just keep one of the 8 I have at home.
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Bruisin' is awful cute! He swatted me the other day but now he likes me and comes to the scent of my hand.

Dang it's gonna be hard for me to let him go
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what are the others' names?
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Awww what little darlings they are!!
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One of the black ones is even heavier and bigger than the grays, but he is just so laid back and non-aggressive. I dubbed him "Diesel"

I'm still working on the names of the other ones.
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I love the name diesel. Like the wrestler
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Too cute, I love em. Especially the gray one. Our neighbor's have a gray cat they let roam (he's a neutered male, but he still sprays--which I find unusual).

I don't know what they've named him but I call him Shadow. He comes and goes.

That's what the gray kitties remind me of.
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Aww-they are adorable! I love the little fuzzy grey ones How sweet they are.
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Just look at those sweet little babies.
May they all live healthy long lives in loving forever homes.
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They are so adorable!!!!
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soooo sweet!
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Instead of offering them free to a good home, have you considered calling a no-kill rescue group? They will take them when they are old enough, make sure they are spay/neutered, get shots, etc., and will investigate any potential homes for them.

There are many unscrupulous people out there looking for cats and kittens that are free to good homes to sell to labs, etc. Giving them to a rescue group is better for the kittens, and better for you because they will take over the responsibilty.

If you go to, and click on rescue and shelter groups in the upper right hand corner, put in your state and you'll get a list of the rescue groups in your area.

Good luck.
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