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Teritorial or ???

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We are having a bit of a problem with our oldest Charlie (almost 1 year). Anytime anyone comes to our apartment he gets upset. He doesn't hide, he just looks at them (and us) and howls. It has gone as far as growling and hissing at a couple of people (my mom and my husbands mom mainly).

Our old apartment was quite small so we rarely had anyone over (which I think is part of the problem) but now that we are in a large 2 bedroom and we would like to entertain more. I don't want to lock Charlie up (afterall it's his apartment too) but I also don't want him yowling, hissing and growling everytime someone comes for a visit.

Does anyone have any tecniques that would help him get over this or should we just keep having people over and wait for him to adjust??

Thanks for the help!!!!
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Well, unless he sits right in front of the 'company' the whole time they're there, and makes an ongoing racket, I'd just let him adjust. He's possessive of your attention and his territory. Maybe you can distract him as soon as they come in (and explain to them what's happening as you go along) with his favorite toy or game, or even a treat, and he may see it all as a good thing eventually.
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I agree. He's had you to himself for so long, maybe he's trying to latch onto that routine. See if he adjusts, otherwise you might just have a cat that hates company.
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I also wrote Anne about something else and got no response.
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