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My cat is a dog

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Well not really but he sure acts like it. He's just turned a year old and he acts like a dog. I may have to get his DNA checked out.

He always greets me at the door--definately a characteristic shared by both cats and dogs but he greets me at all my doors. If I go to the bathroom he'll sit outside the door until I come out. I have never seen a cat do that but I have seen dogs do it.

He follows me around everywhere. Even now he's sitting next to me watching me type all of this. Say hello to everyone Sammy....

"Meow meow!"

And he is always trying to jump up on me, putting his paws on my legs like a dog would do if they wanted something.

He fetches things--especially his pink puffy toy on a string. I have a loft type townhouse and if I throw the toy up on the balcony he goes up there and brings it back to me almost everytime.

He meows at things outside. If the mail lady drives by in the afternoon he meows at her. If someone walks by the house he meows at them. He even gets a little agitated meow going sometimes like a dog growling.

He's a great cat though otherwise. Very friendly and well behaved--so far anyways.

Just wanted to share my experiences with you all.

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LOL! I can relate to some of what Sammy does (hello back ). Ivo waits for me at the door, and sits outside the bathroom door. Her litter box is right outside the bathroom (a small apartment really limits where you can put the litter box), and sometimes she "joins" me by using hers! Besides that, Ivo is all spoiled brat cat.

My Dad likes to joke that his Pumpkin is really messed up. Not only does she think she's a dog (fetching, meowing at people going past, etc.), she thinks Dad is her Mom!
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LOL, that kitty sounds like a real personality!

Oliver always follows me around and will wait outside the bathroom as well! But other than that, he is very much a cat!
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I often have a waiting party when I come out of the bathroom. :laughing2: My two follow us around, although they may not stay in the same place they have to know where we are. Trent sometimes plays catch, of course it is on his terms so I can pretty well rest assured he is all cat! Actually, the only thing they don't do that you said was meow at people outside.
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You mean your cats don't follow you into the bathroom? I think that might be cat abuse. I never had a cat who didn't think it was her job to see that I took a bath properly, or brushed my teeth up and down, etc. Oh, for shame! Well, if you have to pay for a kitty psychologist, don't say I didn't tell you. :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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I let my cats come in the bathroom with me. Definantly strange at first b/c of the audience. Cosmo likes to sleep in the sink and Lucy licks the water from the shower!

Sammy sounds like a pretty cool cat.

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LOL!!!! Casper and Kitty BOTH follow me everywhere, even to the toilet. And Casper even fetches (spelling?)a string with us. When we watch telly he brings the string next to me or my hubby and we have to throw it, if we don't, he stares at us and keeps whining like dogs do....until we throw it for him and he can be a happy boy and get tht string back to us... He could do this ALL evening
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I know exactly what you mean! Both Daisy & Simon insist on being in the bathroom with me, in fact Daisy will even come in the shower with me! She actually sits in the tub by the drain and splashes around while I am showering!It's pretty funny :laughing: She is a very clean kitty!:daisy:
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Orion does this stuff, too. I don't know what I would do if I walked in the door and didn't hear that bell ringing like crazy as he flies at me. I also must pick him up and rub him, and tell him about my day, and take him to the window while I look through the mail, or I am treated like the worst kitty mommy ever.

He loves to play fetch, and wonder of it is, no one ever taught him, one day he just sat expectantly over his glitter ball until hubby threw it, and lo and behold fetch began.

Orion will also be supremely pissed if he is closed out of the bathroom. He thinks that when I sit down to go, it is time to crawl in my lap and purr. It's actually so cute, that I end up sitting there twice as long as I have to, and usually my leg falls asleep.

He lays on my towels when I'm in the shower, and when I get out, he stands up and puts his paws on me (you know, the 'pick me up mommy' move)and then I must stand there, soaking wet and freezing. He prefers this if I sing to him. So far his favorite is 'In the arms of the angel'.

And John, horrible kitty daddy that he is, always closes the door, and Orion will spend the entire time sticking his paw as far under the door as possible. Nothing is more pathetic than hearing his baby whine, and seeing this little grey paw digging under the door.
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Isn't it nice to be loved that much? Even we mothers don't get that kind of desperate needing once our babies become two year olds. But our kitties always want mommy!
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your cat sounds like one of mine!! my husband wants a dog soo bad and I just tell him that we already have one. Mine even sleeps like a dog-he lays in that position w/ his chin on his paw, he stands on his hind legs to beg for food, and he runs at my feet and follows me everywhere too! when he was smaller, he used to jump up and catch things in the air (w/ his paws, not his teeth) that I threw to him-i'm so glad to hear that someone else out there has a dog-cat too
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Fitzy will run and jump to catch things--so much that i almost bought him one of those little fabric frizbees. He'll lay down like a dog and follow me around the apartment. He walks on a leash and loves to be brushed. He even comes when you whistle for him or call his name. He plays hide and seek and fetches. He loves his walks and rides in the truck too! I always tell people he's my dog that purrs!
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I like "dog that purrs". He sounds cute.
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That is sooo cute!!!! I used to have a cat that would play cards. You could throw them up in the air to him. He would catch them with his paws, put it in his mouth and bring it to me. I have pictures of him doing this. Of course this was like 25 years ago (oops told that Im old huh).

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Several of our cats like to accompany us to the bathroom...we
re used to the company and miss it if no one joins us now! Misha, my little black ferret, (that's our pet name...she was a tiny runt of a thing found on the streets at 7 weeks all alone; we adopted her a few days after the shelter got her and she stayed small...has long black fur and a very mischevious personality, hence the "little ferret monicker), loves to have "her time with Mommy" after I shower. Barry likes his time with Mom in the morning, also in the bathroom. As for dogs, our Missy HATES cats and MUCH prefers the company of a dog. She'll hiss and spit at any cat that gets to close, but vamps the dog, lets him lick and sniff her, and loves to rub up against him! Oh, and Misha likes to carry her favorite toys around in her mouth like a dog, and has taught that trick to some of her housemates! She also has a unique way of eating...she pulls one piece of food at a time out of the dish and onto the floor, and then eats it! A couple others have now learned that trick as well. Of course they love to wait for Teddy, (our dog), to finish his meal so they can check out his leftovers; He MIGHT have something better than they get...
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When my Mandy was younger (now 19 months old) she used to exhibit many of these same behaviors.
I called her my Puppy-Cat!
She still plays fetch once in a while & often follows me around. She usually wants to be in whatever room I'm in. Guess she is just keeping an eye on me. A neighbor calls her my Watch Cat. When we are visiting together Mandy seems fascinated by our conversation & lies where she can keep an eye on me constantly. (It may because I tend to make quite a few hand gestures while talking so this is probably what fascinates her.
These Puppy Cats can be so entertaining though.

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I have the same kind of cat, mine is Peedoodle (dont ask where his name came from, he came equipped with it). He behaves like a dog in every sense, he has to follow me and hubby in every room we go to, and when we sleep, he wakes us up by tapping us on the shoulder and if we ignore it, he goes overboard and starts digging at us. And if we ignore him, he starts biting our feet. So we have to trick him into leaving the room but somehow hes figured out how to open the door! He is so crazy!
He will follow us into the bathroom and if we close the door, he will sit there and put his paws under the door. Whenever we have a shower or bath, he will come and sit on the side and watch us. We have to play fetch with him every day, if we dont, he will follow us from room to room with his toy mouse in his mouth. He is a beautiful longhaired russian blue coloured cat and we love him to bits!

Kellye & Peedoodle
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My blue persian Balie follows me around the house. He sits outside the bathroom door too.

When he was a kitten (and even now sometimes) he used to chase balls of paper and bring them back to be thrown again. We also live in a tall townhouse - when hubbs was working at home he used to throw rolled up bits of fax paper down the stairwell 4 floors below and Balie used to hare down all the stairs, pick up the ball of paper and run back up to the top of the house where the office is.


Fifi - my Lilac-cream persian has to sit on my lap on my first visit to the loo in the morning (sorry - just felt I wanted to share that with the world!!). It's a mad ritual, and she gets really mad if she misses me, or if I get up very late or something. She rest her front paws on my front and gazes into my face, purring like a mad thing the whole time.

They also wait at the back door for me to come home - they cry as they gaze up into my ( and hubbs') eyes wanting to be picked up

Ferdy, my British Shorthair adoptee curls up in my arms like a little baby. He's wrap his paws around my neck and just lies there. He also paws my leg for attention.

Fifi climbs up hubbies jeans (but ONLY when he's wearing jeans - she'll never do it to his best trousers).

Oh bless their little hearts - don't we just love 'em all!!
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