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Do you believe this?

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Ok, this is in regards to the post I made about my family friend passing on. prayers needed

So, last night was the wake. My mother and a few of Cheryl's other friends composed a poem and printed it out to hand out at the wake. The theme of the poem was a rainbow. They made it really pretty w/ a ribbon around it etc etc.
So, my mother is on the way to the funeral home to put these in a basket for people to take. She is about to enter the door and it was pouring rain. The rain slowed way down, the sun broke and an amazing rainbow came out. My mother said it was one of the biggest brightest ones she's ever seen. She went in and got the family. The kids all said "there's mom" and the husband just cried. Can you believe it?? Its like she was there, watching over, and letting them know she is ok.

Beautiful, simply beautiful.
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It is coming on to the anniversary of my son's passing. We had him cremated and scattered at sea. After the brief ceremony the skipper turned the boat around so I could scatter the ashes and there in the spray of the boat was a school of dolphins playing. It just gave such a feeling of surrealness to an already difficult to accept situation.

God Bless and prayers, I am sure your friend is playing now over the Rainbow Bridge with all the kitties that have also passed on.
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Oh Hissy, I am sorry about your son. I didn't know that he has passed on.

You know, my brother and his wife got married about a year and a half ago and her mom had passed away the spring before the wedding. She was devastated, as would be expected. Anyway, after the wedding while they were on the honeymoon, they snapped an awesome photo of some clouds. It was just like the shape of an angel. Very surreal, very beautiful. She was so taken aback that they took photos just to "be sure" of what they were seeing. The photos are spectacular. She is sure it was her mom letting her presence be known.
It makes me believe that our loved ones really do watch over us, even when they are no longer on earth.
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God used a rainbow as a symbol before, so why not for you? There are miracles happening all around us; sometimes we just don't see them. I'm so glad you both got comfort when you needed it most.
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Wow! That truly was a miracle from God.
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Both Daniela and Hissy's posts really touched me...how beautiful. God does send his signs in unusual ways, doesn't he.
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