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Thanks guys for helping me put pics up
*** PART)

okay, so I found this cat as a kitten in front of my house b/c he had been dumped by my curb. (jerks)

and i know hes not 100% anything, but i got board last night and came across the name Bengal Stud, and I noticed my cat had A LOT of the similar markings...not quite as clear and detailed but quite similar

I was wondering if anyone here thought that my cat (Tiger) looks anything like a Bengal Stud or maybe somewhere down the line had it in him.

THANKS...here are the pics, i hope they work

TUMMY (not very clear b/c he wouldn't be still)



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So pretty!!

Stud refers to an unaltered male used for breeding.

A bengal is a hybrid breed and though popular it would be a rare find to find one that was a mix as these don't happen very often.

It looks like your boy has a small degree of pointing going on in the color (though it might be hard to tell from the pictures). The markings are faint for a bengal but I know you can't help but wonder if there is somethign pure in there as the coat is so beautiful.

Bengals have a horizontal spotted pattern, where Egyptian Maus and other spotted cats have a vertical pattern which is just a broken mackerel tabby stripe. I think this is what we are seeing here.

I'm so glad you took this boy in though! People can be so cruel. At least he now has a loving home.
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I have no doubt he is a seal lynx point siamese, or technically a seal lynx colorpoint shorthair.
He is gorgeous!
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Originally Posted by pondwader
I have no doubt he is a seal lynx point siamese, or technically a seal lynx colorpoint shorthair.
How do you see a Siamese here? I don't see it al all Do you have experience with lynx points or do you breed lynx colorpoint shorthair's?

Thanks for explaining.
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I raised traditional siamese for over 15 years, and yes, techincally a lynx point siamese is registered as a colorpoint shorthair

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IMO he's got more of a lynx point background with a bit of Egyptian Mau or just plain spotted tabby. I don't see any real resemblance to a bengal at all.

Whatever he is, he's very handsome. I'm assuming he is or will be neutered? He might do very well showing in a household pet cat show.

You can have a pointed type of cat without blue eye color - tonkinese are pointed yet have aqua eyes cause they are a result of siamese/burmese. My mixed breed kitten was pointed for the first few months and she had non-blue eye color. She turned into a black/white cat (which I still do not understand) and yet in certain lights you can see the faint points on legs and face.
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Thanks so much for your thoughts and info.

Tiger has been nipped and tucked, back there. haha

but i've had him 3-4 years. i found him before he could even use the bathroom.

He has a sister aswell. (which we kept) But she looked NOTHING like him. She was black with random random orangish spots and coloring. I wasn't going to keep them, b/c we already had 4 cats (all rescued from the streets).

but im really glad i did

I know nothing about breeding or anything, i just love cats, and i thought this would be the best place to post something. But i find it interesting, and i really appreciate everybody who had an imput.
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His sister is what is called a tortoiseshell - anytime you have black with a little red (orange) mixed in. Tortoiseshells range from an almost all black with very little red to the opposite of more red then black. I like to refer to them as either "black" torties or "red" torties depending on the more cominate color.

One of my tortie rexes was born almost entirely black - thought she was a black female till I spotted 2 tiny red spots on her hips and one tiny dot of red on her head. Her mother was more of a black tortie but produced many lovely marked calicos and other torties.
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