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summer fun

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Now that the weather is warming up, here's a summer funny:http://www.sendingfun.com/poolofpee
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LOL, it's so wierd that it's funny!
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Ok, being on the nasty topic we are one, I'll share one of the nastiest experiences I ever had in a pool.

I was swimming around (obviously, I was in a pool) when something floated and touched my face. I looked down and saw a blood bandaid! It was sooooooooo nasty >_<

Oh and recently here in Sweden, a family found a chopped off thumb in their bag of shrimps!!!! The company are guessing that a worker got his/her thumb cut off in the machine that sorts the shrimps. Naaaaaaaaasty...

Hope I didn't gross you guys out too much
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ugh, Ann, those both are disgusting.... but esp. that floating "thingy" in the pool... how can somebody not remember to take it away????
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That was weird and gross! Ann-I would have been SO grossed out something nasty like that touched me while I was swimming in the pool. I don't like going to public pools b/c you never know how many people have peed in there or what else is floating around.
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Exactly! That is the main reason I don't go swimming anymore (and of course I don't like to be seen in a bathing suit).
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Remember the pool scene, in "Caddyshack", with the Baby Ruth? Of course, the following scene, when Bill Murray was cleaning the pool, picked it up and took a bite, was priceless!
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Cindy...I absolutely love that movie! That scene is priceless!
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