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She'll be four years old this year. She's had four litters over the years. Her full name is Double Grand Champion Grafton Kinda Nortie But Nice and she is a Brown Tortoishell Classic Tabby Exotic Shorthair!

I wish she was still this chubby - but she's a skinny ratty little thing at the moment and she's not at all well today
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What is wrong with her.
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This is Moe my Queen she is due this week!! I am so excited!

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I posted a pic of Chloe somewhere here when she was preggo, but shes had her kittys now! I will post a pic anyways

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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
What is wrong with her.
Over easter we ran out of Royal Canin and had to make do with some food from the garage. Both my girls got sick and she's still not 100%

Moe is so precious!
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Mo likes to pose. Pretty cat
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thank you all the kitties on here are so beautiful.
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