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~~~ Good Monday Morning ~~~

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Monday again

Didn't do too much this weekend. Finished up Tara's birthday stuff with her family over the weekend and relaxed. Have our doctor's appointment tomorrow and hopefully we'll be able to hear the baby's heartbeat!!!

I won't be in to work until later in the afternoon so somebody else needs to make a Tuesday Morning thread.

How was everybody's weekend??
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Mine was painful with the whole wrecking the dirt bike thing! Its okay today. The bruise is really ugly though! Ready for the workday to be over with. I have a few errands to run after work.
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Friday night, didnt do much of anything - hung out with John and made a really good supper!
Saturday I hung around at home and did some cleaning since it was such a crappy day outside, and went to the Y

Sunday - It was absolutely beautiful outside, so we all went on a ride on the Harley's and enjoyed the nice day

Today I just DONT wanna be @ work! I get my haircut tonight, I wanna do something different, so we'll see what happens.
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Rode my pony Saturday and Sunday and when I wasn't doing that, spent time cleaning up a bit and cuddling my cats.
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I'm with you MacKenzie. I slept all day yesterday and now I'm having trouble waking up.

Was a little disappointed, we didn't the BBQ this weekend. So no grilling.
But we're suppose to get it tonight!
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Weekend was great!

I spent all day Saturday at a drama class, the day went fast and we did lots of fun exercises and I "hope" I learned a lot.

Sunday was absolutely wonderful - mid 70's, we got lots of yardwork done, felt great to be outside in the fresh air.

Today I'm going with my son car shopping - he wants to get a new car and I hope I can keep him from overdoing it.
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Weekend went great for me...Me and my mate went and saw Scary Movie 4, hilarious film. Monday, so far, happens to be going good. I got out of school early for a Court Hearing, and I am waiting till my ride gets here to take me to that.
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